Resolving sync conflicts in Resco Mobile CRM

When do synchronization conflicts occur?

A synchronization conflict comes into play when a user modifies a record in the Resco Mobile CRM application, but before he synchronizes the change, this record is also altered on the CRM server. In other words – the same record gets updated both in the mobile client and on the server, but neither of these modifications has been yet synchronized between them.
And thus the conflict occurs: Which modification should be applied to the record,both in the app and on the server, after the next synchronization takes place?

Conflict resolution

There are 4 possible ways of resolving this conflict in Resco Mobile CRM:

  • Server wins
  • Partial Device Wins
  • Full Device Wins
  • User Action

The Server Wins option means that no matter what change the user made to the record in Resco Mobile CRM, the update made on the CRM server will be used after the synchronization. This option is set up by default.
The Partial Device Wins option means that if the same record has been modified both via the app and on the CRM server since the last synchronization, only the fields modified through the app will be changed on the server. However, if you choose Full Device Wins all the fields of the modified record will be changed on the server according to the app.
At last, selecting the User Action option the mobile user will be informed about the conflict in the app, via a Sync error message. There the user can decide whether to use the record updated on the device, or its version modified on the CRM server after the next synchronization.

Setting up synchronization conflict resolution in Woodford

Synchronization conflict resolution can be set up for each entity individually.
In the Woodford customization tool select your mobile project and there pick the entity you want to set up the conflict resolution for (in our example it is Account). Then choose one of the aforementioned resolution options from the On Conflict picklist:
And that’s how you can set up the resolution of synchronization conflicts between your Resco Mobile CRM and your Dynamics CRM with just a few clicks. In the meantime if you have any questions, feel free to ask us at
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