Resco’s Sweet Sixteen (Moments to remember)

Remember when you were 16?
Yeah, sweet sixteen, how could we forget. But what I recall the most is the feel of freedom and independence that I had…
Don’t worry, this isn’t a story about me and my MTV-like Sweet Sixteen Party. But guess, who else is 16 this month? Bingo, the following lines will be all celebrating Resco.
The freedom, the independence – some of the few things that are sweet about that age. This is exactly what happened to Resco… We are now 16, we are free, we are strong, powerful and happy about the way things worked out.
You may think, it is not that much, but do you know what 16 years in terms of mobility or CRM mean? Well, more than a lot.
1 That moment when Resco was born
Do you remember the year when Salesforce was born? So do we. And not because of Salesforce, but because this is when we introduced Resco to the world.
What about the day when Microsoft Dynamics first appeared? At that time, we were already intensively growing as a 4 year old child.
When the first iPhone bombed the market, our company was already celebrating its 8th anniversary.
Let’s take a short walk down the history lane of…
2 That moment when IT started getting serious
Back in 1999, we started with consumer mobile apps, targeting Windows Mobile and Palm OS mobile platforms. It was a great experience for us because this is how we learned how to develop software for mobile devices and how to do mobile business.
3 That moment when we were helping 4000 companies all of the sudden
2003. Another big milestone for us. Resco became a provider of a suite of components for mobile app development. This product became the top-of-its-class helping more than 4,000 companies, such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, GE, Motorola, Sybase, etc., and has been used by 10,000s of mobile app developers around the world. Game on, Resco!
4 Moment when the new era of Mobile CRM started for us
It was 2009. The year of new era. The era of Mobile CRM. With around 1,000 corporate customers, such as Heineken, Merial, Bridgestone, AutoZone, and the top-notch technology, Resco Mobile CRM is now one of the leading mobile solutions across the whole CRM industry.
If you watched the evolution of Resco Mobile CRM, you must remember how we were putting together the ingredients to cook the successful product throughout these years…
5 That big moment when we crossed the Ocean
Because think local, go global! In 2013, we realized it was about the right time get even closer to our customers. And we opened the office in Boston, Massachusetts. Since then, managing Resco’s operations in Americas region goes as smoothly as silk.
6 That time when we became Microsoft’s gold certified partner
Being a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner helps us to better align our developer products with Microsoft Visual Studio and stay abreast of Microsoft technology.
7 Or when we released the first version of Woodford – customization tool
Woodford is not always about the Whiskey. Or at least – not only about it. CRM world met Woodford ,our smart master of administration & customization in 2011. It is now the main part of our product Resco Mobile CRM.
8 That moment when we introduced a new feature to our Resco Mobile CRM
Wait a second. That is almost like an every moment. I am not just saying that. We truly introduce around 70 new features & improvements to our product every year.
9 That moment when we simply just couldn’t stop spreading around the world
It was like yesterday, when we started partnership with our first 3 European partners and 2 customers. Except, it was 5 years ago. In only a year, we extended our partner channel and the customer base to other regions all around the world. And here we are now in 2015 – 16 years, more than 100 countries, more than 5 thousand customers and more than million users!
10 That moment when Resco CRM came to life
Mobile CRM for Dynamics CRM is important part of our business and will remain important. But with such a powerful Mobile CRM app with advanced customization possibilities we saw a huge potential also outside the Dynamics CRM ecosystem. Resco CRM is now a fully functional system with strong support for mobility.
11 That one when Resco became an IT company of the year
I bet you had no idea. Well, indeed we brought a little IT Oscar home in 2014. Rocking at prestigious Slovak awards was another neat surprise. There were several mentions in local media about Resco as a “a great example of a small company with big achievements”.
12 That moment when Resco granted a trademark for Resco mobile CRM
Sounds awesome, but trademark what? The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has granted the company trademark protection for the Resco Mobile CRM® software solution and company brand — technology on the move®.
13 And when we came up with our own conference in Vienna I dare to say one of our best projects. The first edition of the conference happened in Vienna in June 2015 and proved that personal communication, a lot of networking and learning was definitely a way to go. Read more about how this kickass event can take any CRM to the next level: Vienna
14 Or that moment when we brought to America’s
The European version of 2015, done. The American one, just ahead of us. As I mentioned earlier, we like to be close to our partners and customers. And what’s the better way to get to know each other? Don’t just sit there, join us now! Register to Boston
15 That big moment when we killed an annoying wasp…
I mean THAT moment. The moment that changed everything for Resco. See it for yourself:

16 That moment even bigger when we sent you all a big fat THANK YOU
And that moment is now. That moment was always here and we will continue to be thankful. So once again, thanks to all our partners and customers for sticking with us for all those years, because they make Resco so powerful.
P.S. Big and special thanks goes to our CEO Rado Vozar whose insights are a big part of this article.
Now, I’m not quite sure, if we can wish something to ourselves, but I would just simply cheer for another adventurous 16 years of awesomeness! But, if you have some wishes for Resco, drop us a line!

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