Resco’s roadmap: Offline for all

In May we announced the Resco Mobile CRM Roadmap for 2016. It contains a list of great improvements and new features that are useful for field sales and service users, admins of CRM systems and partners that want to do serious business with enterprise mobility.
As usual, it wasn’t only us who created the Roadmap. Instead, we made a list of the most important requests from our partners and customers and we tried to select everything that made sense and added new value to the Resco Mobile CRM product. The roadmap defines improvements in areas such as communication, scheduling, route planning, working with documents, reports, BI, security, and much more. We’ll significantly improve a configuration tool with new form editors and tools allowing us to provide our customers with better support. And of course, our main activity in the near future will be to integrate with other back-end systems, which will definitely create great potential for our partners.
The Roadmap is another proof that Resco Mobile CRM is the leading product in its segment. The complete version can be downloaded here.
On the other hand, there is one thing which the Roadmap doesn’t mention, while other CRM vendors are currently talking a great deal about; offline capability. A feature that is currently being added to mobile CRM apps by most CRM vendors such as Microsoft, Salesforce, and others.
The reason is simple. In our opinion, offline is not a capability, which can be easily added to an online CRM app. Offline doesn’t only mean to add a local database support, providing the CRM data when the app is disconnected. Offline means that ALL the features and functionalities of the mobile CRM app are available also when the app is disconnected – with no limitations. Thus, the logic of every feature must be developed and implemented to the mobile app independently from the server. Otherwise, a feature will simply not work when the app is disconnected. But a mobile CRM app is usually the main business tool of every mobile sales or service professional. So if it doesn’t provide 100% of functionality anywhere and anytime, it can cause immediate damages for a company’s business.
That’s why the basic assumption of every feature, or an improvement described in the Resco Mobile CRM Roadmap is, that it will be available also in offline mode. We see it as the core of Resco Mobile CRM that has been designed for offline usage, since the very beginning of its development. A complete, robust mobile solution, ready to serve its users whenever and wherever they happen to be. A completely different story in comparison to online CRM apps with offline capabilities.

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