Resco’s roadmap for 2014

There’s one word which describes our roadmap for 2014 the best – ambitious. Of course that you can expect lots of significant improvements to our Mobile CRM (3 more major updates in addition to the one released in March). But I’m not going to describe this in more details in this blog.
Now I’d like to throw some light on two brand new products. And since both have the basis of the proven technology used also in Resco Mobile CRM, I believe they might be of your interest.

Mobile Apps for Dynamics CRM

“Welcome to the Internet of Customers. Behind every app, every device, and every connection, is a customer. Billions of them. And each and every one is speeding toward the future.”
Familiar with the words above? Probably not. I copied them from Yes, the main competitor of Dynamics CRM. The words describe their new product SalesForce1 Customer Platform. Don’t know what it is for?
Smartphones and tablets changed our world. We don’t count people who have one, but those who haven’t. Every person with a mobile “connected” device is or can be your customer. And as SalesForce says, there are billions of them. So what about to connect them to your CRM and engage with them?
Resco Mobile Apps is a kind of “SalesForce1 Customer Platform” for Dynamics CRM. So don’t wait until SalesForce steals your prospects.

Glass CRM

Imagine a service technician who has just visited a customer to repair broken heating system. A typical service technician you may have already met several times in your house. Except one thing. He wears Google Glass.
The technician comes to the control panel, opens it and says “OK Glass” and then “Resco Glass CRM”. The app shows him all scheduled appointments. He opens the current one. Now he sees the steps he should perform. Every step has a description and optionally a picture, or a support docs about the related task. If the technician needs an assistance from his colleague, he can easily start a video chat that helps the colleague to see the real situation through the Glass. He can use the Glass CRM to make photos and attach them to the related service activity CRM record… and all the time he can use both of his hands to do his job.
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