Resco Winter Update 2021: Leaving the best for the last release of the year

resco winter update 21

Curious about what is waiting for you under our Resco tree this December? Everyone will find theirs in the Winter Update 2021, just have a look! For example, with our cool new capabilities, you can:

  • Upload and digitize questionnaires in Inspections without manually rewriting questions
  • Plan work orders faster with the revamped Schedule Board
  • Mitigate asset search time by providing precise location data to field techs
  • Collect Guide feedback from technicians for the best possible work instructions
  • Utilize new advanced options in integration with Business Central and updated Resco Cloud connector for Power Automate

And there is much more to unwrap! Here are some of the highlights from the latest release.


Resco for Dynamics 365 CE – Brand new features for Inspections that simplify the creation and use of questionnaires

The highlight of our winter release for Inspections is the Scan and Extract feature. Thanks to this new functionality, our customers will be able to dramatically speed up their paper-to-digital transformation process.

scan and extract

Just feed the existing legacy form to Scan and Extract—it will recognize the questions and automatically transform them to a Resco questionnaire. Removing the need to rewrite questions shortens the go-live time of actual field usage.

The new configurable button and questionnaires export
configurable button

With the new configurable button feature for Inspections, report commands can be configured to run a specific report. This way, field workers are not burdened with selecting which report to run and the chances of picking the wrong one are eliminated.

configurable button

The new option to export multiple questionnaire templates at once will save our customers a lot of time moving templates between organizations. They will also be able to export entire folders of questionnaires and import them back into Questionnaire Designer in another environment.

All of these new additions are available in your mobility projects integrated with MS Dynamics CE and also in the standalone products resco.Inspections and resco.FieldService.

Receive payments in the field

During your career, you’ve probably come across invoices that went unpaid for weeks or months from the client side. Often, it’s caused by prolonged invoice processing or even paperwork shuffling between the back office, field tech, and client. But better customer experience can solve many of these challenges and significantly improve your cash flow.

And so, the new Pay with Resco functionality will simplify payments for your customers and field techs. The feature enables technicians to create an invoice directly on their mobile device with the Resco app and get paid by the customer right on the spot. In just a few taps, all done.

While still in preview, you can already start to evaluate this new capability and try the demo immediately. To get through all the details, please, contact Business Development Managers at Resco – directly or via this form.

resco.FieldService – Neat features to streamline fieldwork and its management

Field technicians know that sometimes it’s not the actual task that takes up most of the working time. Finding the destined asset in big factories or complex business buildings can be as much tedious.

So how to mitigate the search time and optimize the work time? Equip the field technicians with precise asset location data so they can find it with no hassle along the way.

With the new Functional Location capability (now available as a preview) in resco.FieldService, you can do exactly that. This fresh addition lets you define asset position and ease the field technician’s workload, especially when the asset is not located on the same address as the account.functional location

You can add details like building address, floor, office number or even visual information (e.g., floor plan) to Functional Locations. This way, it will help field techs to find the asset quicker and start the work that matters without delays.

Streamline planning with revamped Schedule Board

Job dispatchers and managers have a challenging job of managing resources, all work orders and making schedules as effective as possible. With the new improvements available in Schedule Board, your work will gain a boost.

So what new is available?

  • The revamped user interface of Schedule Board

Moved controls or simplified design allows managers and dispatchers to navigate around more intuitively and find what they need faster

  • Ability to start Schedule Board directly from the work order form

From now on, no need to create a work order first, save it, initiate Schedule Board separately, and find the work order again. Do it all through the new simplified workflowschedule board from work order

  • Working hours setup

How can one control a technicians’ work schedule without knowing their working hours? Add this information to resources you manage and plan easierschedule work hours

Geofenced work orders

For times when you will want to double-check the correct position of a field technician related to an asset location, we introduce the preview of geofencing functionality. With that, you can prevent human errors when reporting a work.

You can set a new rule to automate the technician location check related to the location specified in the work order. When the field worker starts working on a work order, the app will verify if the worker is near the asset location.

resco.Guides – New features for high-quality work instructions and knowledge managementfeedback collecting

Bring your work instructions to the next level with resco.Guides. Technicians can now leave feedback on a guide and rate whether it helped them solve an issue completely, partially, or not at all.

Based on the input, a Knowledge Manager can then identify bottlenecks and edit outdated, missing, or incorrect information in Guides Editor. Collecting feedback keeps your content always relevant and continuously improves your operations and training strategies.houston feedback collecting

Furthermore, Knowledge Managers now have more control over the quality of images and how they are displayed. You can set image settings within a step, cover, or thumbnail to fill or fit. The former means portions of the image might be hidden depending on the size of the screen, and the latter ensures all parts of the image will be visible.

Another exciting feature is user role permissions. From now on, the library of guides considers the user’s role when accessing the app’s functionalities. This means that if a user doesn’t have the right to create guides, for example, the ‘Create’ button will be hidden.

resco.ServicePlatform – Multiple integration enhancements

resco.ServicePlatform offers powerful integrations options enabling you to connect with various 3rd party apps, databases or backends. These integrations available via REST API, OData API or Resco Cloud connector for Power Automate, now get new advanced options. Here are the most important ones:

  • Resco Cloud Integration with Business Central
    • Set up whether to synchronize records in both directions, upload only, or download only
    • Configure a separate sync filter for download and upload
  • Resco Cloud connector for Power Automate
    • Automated Triggers via Resco Cloud connector for Power Automate
    • You have new options for work with questionnaires
    • Quickly generate reports with the new option added
Overview of assets and records simplified

Winter Update also brings a couple of enhancements to tree views. The asset trees will provide new options for editing.

asset tree

Tree views can be added as a tab on forms, and also, you can create new records directly from tree views. A simple click on the ‘+’ icon available in each line will do the work.

Upgrade your operations with Resco technology

With Resco’s Winter Update 2021, customers and partners can take advantage of new capabilities like Guide feedback collection, Scan and Extract, Functional location, and more.

You can explore all the new features available in the Winter Update 2021 here. In case you have any questions, feel free to reach out to mobilecrm@resco.net.

And if you haven’t worked with Resco before and want to try the Winter Update capabilities, simply check out www.resco.net and start a free 30-day trial of any of our solutions.

Please note that this is a staged rollout, and the newest version of Resco apps may not be available to all users yet. The rollout of the update should be completed on Wednesday, December 15, 2021.