Resco Winter Update 2020: What’s in store for partners?

screenshot from new features in Resco Winter Update 2020 for partners

Exciting additions are available within Resco Winter Update 2020, allowing Resco partners to extend their offerings. The new capabilities of Resco products now enable you to:

  • Set up mobile reports faster with improvements in report designing
  • Improve the user experience by leveraging new options to customize Home screens
  • Allow workers to access AR video calls on new devices and scenarios
  • Improve information sharing by integrating Salesforce Chatter

And there are many more improvements to take advantage of. So, let’s take a closer look at several highlights of Resco’s Winter Update 2020.

Save time by creating the questionnaires and reports in one step

With the new release, partners working with Resco Inspections can leverage new report design features. From now on, it is not necessary to split the questionnaire and report building into two separate actions. You can create and customize reports with questionnaires side by side – thanks to the integration of report setup functionality  directly into the Questionnaire Designer.

Smarter reports in the Resco Inspections Questionnaire Designer

You can set up what information you want to include in the report while adding the questions. The functionality saves time with report setup, and provides more flexibility to make edits to existing ones. You can also preview the reports anytime in the Questionnaire Designer, giving you a look at the final document.

Available in: Resco Inspections

Houston AR video calls accessible in new scenarios

Resco Houston arrives to the hands of many more experts, technicians, and workers. The newly introduced support of Android devices makes video calls widely accessible and affordable. Resco’s remote assistance is now available on all major platforms – iOS, Android, and PC’s web browsers.

As a result, companies can integrate AR remote assistance without needing to spend additional costs to purchase equipment. Technicians already have the required devices in their pockets. Furthermore, you can help companies to use Houston AR video calls also from ruggedized devices by Zebra, Caterpillar, and RealWear headsets.

A major change is also coming to the availability of Houston AR video calls outside of Resco Inspections. The Winter release brings AR video calls to all Resco apps. You can now add Resco Houston to your solutions even without the Resco Inspections license.

And let’s not forget about the precision of AR drawings positioning. Thanks to the integration of the ARKit’s Plane detection functionality – identiying surfaces in 3D – experts can now place AR instructions more accurately into the image.

Resco Houston AR remote assistance visualized on the tablet

This advanced field mapping will allow experts to visualize a scene’s depth and place drawings precisely to intended objects. Guidance will become more comfortable and precise, resulting in more accurate instructions for field technicians – further minimizing the time needed to solve an issue in the field.

Available in: all Resco products

Better UI for better experience

The user experience is always a hallmark for clients. And that’s why we’re also introducing new ways of customizing Home screens. You can easily add custom icons, change the logo, or create sections to organize menu items into user-friendly groups. A simplified Home with categorization helps users find what they’re looking for in the blink of an eye.

New customization options for Home screen in Resco apps

We’ve also revamped several default app templates so you can deliver visually pleasing solutions to customers right from the beginning. Because user experience can make or break a deal.

Here is a list of the redesigned app templates:

  • Resco Cloud – Sales
  • Resco Inspections – Inspector
  • Dynamics – Sales
  • Dynamics – Inspector
  • Salesforce – Sales, Field Service, Inspector

Available in: Resco Multi-experience Development Platform

Easier communication with Salesforce chatter

Major news coming for Resco partners in the Salesforce ecosystem. Winter Update brings Chatter integration for improved communication and information sharing. While in beta for now, your customers can already use the popular chat also from Resco apps for real-time communication.

Salesforce chatter integrated in Resco Inspections app

Users can post messages, pictures, or comments on individual entities, such as accounts or work orders. Our Chatter integration also allows to set synchronization rules for offline mode. Your customers can sync up to 1000 posts per entity and choose to synchronize the Chatter whenever connected, on click, or only during database synchronization.

Available in: Resco for Salesforce

One user, several apps

At work, we encounter different scenarios and situations. One person can have different roles and can work on different projects. And that’s why we bring a new option to all Resco apps.

App concept feature in Resco Inspections

The App Concept functionality allows users to seamlessly switch between different app projects in their app’s settings. As a result, users can always pick the right experience, data, and features suited for their scenario.

Available in: Resco Multi-experience Development Platform

Bring the ultimate mobile experience to your customers

New features coming with the latest update open several new doors. You can add value to Salesforce customers with Chatter. Save time when designing reports, or extend your offering with new Resco Houston capabilities. You can choose the option best suited to your needs.

Explore all the details of our Winter Update 2020 at the Resco wiki page.

In case you have any questions, feel free to reach out at mobilecrm@resco.net.

And If you haven’t worked with Resco before and want to try the Winter Update capabilities, simply check out www.resco.net and start a free trial of any of our solutions.