Resco Summer Update 2021: The coolest new additions from the hottest release of the year

Summer update 2021 main image

Looking to beat the summer heatwaves? Our Summer Update 2021 has the capabilities that’ll help you keep your cool – regardless the season and situation you find yourself in.

Available now, with the new improvements you can:

  • Provide an instructions library and AR remote assistance calls to workers in a single app
  • Use brand-new incident management and maintenance capabilities
  • Set up Resco Inspections questionnaires with the new Questionnaire wizard
  • Optimize travel with smarter route planning taking into account new parameters
  • Integrate Resco solutions with any enterprise system that supports the Open Data Protocol

And there’s much more – 17 brand-new additions have been included in the Summer Update. And today, we’re taking a closer look at some of the highlights from the release. Or you can already sign up for our webinar and see it live in action on July 15.

Meet Resco Houston – your workforce knowledge software

Resco Houston provides a knowledge library and AR remote assistance calls within a single app. Technicians or any other field pros can access work instructions anytime and fulfill their tasks faster.

resco houston workforce management app

Instant access to know-how empowers workers to learn while on the job and carry out tasks autonomously. And if they encounter a bigger challenge, it also allows the workforce to contact a professional that can guide them through the process using visual AR directions.

Houston will help you ensure efficient operations and even tackle the ever-growing skill gap, as well as the aging workforce issue.

Available in: Resco Guides

Expanding asset maintenance and incident management capabilities

The Summer Update delivers several new functionalities covering asset maintenance. Together with Resco Inspections this new set of tools greatly expands the capabilities of Resco’s software, with enhanced focus on field service and maintenance management.

asset maintenance in summer update

The scheduling and planning of maintenance jobs has been completely overhauled. For an even easier setup of preventive actions, maintenance plans can be automated based on date, recurrence, and frequency.

notification badges in summer update

Furthermore, the brand-new notification badges on home screen items help you react quickly to the latest developments. They are further complemented by auto-refreshing views – a configurable functionality that keeps information displayed in a view up to date, refreshing it regularly based on user preference. Which makes even extensive incident management a breeze.

Available in: Resco Field Service

Inspections magic with new Questionnaire wizard

questionnaire wizard summer update

A new Questionnaire wizard improves the user experience when creating questionnaire templates from scratch. The wizard walks you through essential questionnaire settings (name, scoring, versioning, storage, and more.) and recommends default options for each.

Available in: Resco Inspections

Smarter planning and integrations with third-party systems via OData for all Resco apps

The revamped visuals allow mobile users to navigate the map view more fluidly in My Route/Route Plan sections of Resco apps.

routes ai in summer update

And when Routes AI is enabled (formerly known as Smart Planning), the optimization algorithm will make sure, appointments will not be planned outside of opening hours available for any entity. Users can also mark appointments as fixed and after the optimization is completed, fixed appointments will always stay in their original time slot.

The Summer Update 2021 also keeps adding to the integration possibilities of Resco solutions. The recently added OData service empowers system admins to connect with any enterprise system that supports the Open Data Protocol (OData v4).

Available in: Resco Inspections, Houston, Field Service, Mobile Sales, Field Service 2.0 for Dynamics 365, Resco for Salesforce

Bring the ultimate mobile experience to your organization

Apart from the highlights above, with Resco’s Summer Update 2021, customers and partners can take advantage of new capabilities like Tree view, Storage analyzer, updated default app projects, new form style options and more.

You can explore all the new features available in the Summer Update 2021 here. Or register for our upcoming webinar and check out how the Summer Update works live, on July 15.

In case you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us through Resco Support portal.

And If you haven’t worked with Resco before and want to try the Summer Update capabilities, simply check out www.resco.net and start a free 30-day trial of any of our solutions.