Top 8 Gems of Resco Spring ’19 Release for Salesforce users


With each release, Resco’s mobile business apps platform is meeting more and more needs of Salesforce field users. The number of customers running the mobile part of their business with Resco on Salesforce increases, and so does the power of the Resco solution, demonstrated by the quantity of enhancements coming along with every quarterly release.
The Spring ’19 Release brings quite a few noteworthy updates to the Resco platform. A team of mobility experts works hard every day to bring our customers smarter app development tools and smoother operations support to level up their business across the globe.
Here are the highlights of the new functionality empowering Salesforce admins to make life of users in the field much easier and more enjoyable:

Woodford available for all users, supporting MacOS too

Pivotal tool of Resco’s robust platform is ready-to-use for anyone with a browser-equipped device. Enhanced look ‘n’ feel and many life-simplifying functionalities can be now found in the Woodford configurator. | Article

Sync Dashboard, including remote conflict resolution

This is an amazing productivity tool, giving all admins just the right toolset to proactively assist users in the field. Admins can resolve synchronization conflicts, get early warning about any errors and receive useful hints to improve reliability and user experience of the app, including a 360° overview of up-to-date information in intuitive charts and tabular views. And if this is not enough, all data can be exported to standard formats and brought to any BI tools your organization sees fit. | Blog

Mobile Report Designer to streamline your reporting processes

Fast and user-friendly design tool lets you create and manage report styles, data sources, columns, rows and attachments with ease. | Blog

Report on iPad

Questionnaire Designer for effective inspection execution

We are introducing a Salesforce integrated questionnaire builder that enables teams to use a web-based tool – Inspections Designer to build questionnaires in a data-driven UI outside of the Resco application. Thanks to this tool, any skilled user can design one-of-a-kind questionnaires and select the best from a variety of available question types. | Video

Questionnaire on iPad

GitHub integrated with Woodford for improved project lifecycle management

GitHub-powered mobile project lets admins collaborate, track progress and monitor changes in an efficient way. All project changes can now be pushed as commits to GitHub. Your projects can also be easily versioned, forked and even shared between multiple Salesforce organizations.

Salesforce page layouts imported as separate forms

With Resco, you can leverage your existing page layouts and their profile assignments by simply importing them to Resco, so they are readily available for your mobile users in offline mode. The app will automatically choose the correct form (layout) at runtime based on Salesforce configuration, or let you write your own mobile specific logic using the Form Selector rule. | Blog

Route planning for simplified service appointments creation & re-scheduling

When using Resco with Field Service Lightning, technicians can take advantage of built-in Route Planner to update scheduled appointments whenever the conditions in the field change or even plan new Service Appointments. And all these changes get synchronized to back office in real-time. | Video

Import and export any design artifact like View, Form, Chart, Dashboard and more

Views, forms, charts, dashboards. These are some of the artifacts that can be imported and exported and thus easily transferred between mobile projects, made into shared assets or stored separately in a Source Control System. This is a massive time-saver during development, or just a handy way to back up your work when experimenting or transferring between environments.
Interested to see what else is new in Resco’s Spring Release ’19?
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