Resco Partner Awards 2021: Competition underway!


Whether in a sports or business arena, who doesn’t enjoy a good, fair competition?

And who doesn’t feel good when they get recognized for their effort and results?

I know I do. And Resco partners do as well.

That’s why I’m excited that this year’s Resco Partner Awards are under way.

The awards are a great opportunity to see the incredible impact our 500+ partners are delivering to 2000+ customers around the world.

All Resco Partner Award winners and finalists will receive recognition from Resco and the entire community and will be celebrated during our annual conference resco.next and in follow-up marketing campaigns. On top of that, winners will receive complimentary passes for resco.next 2022, market development funds, and soon to be announced special rewards.

Winners and finalists will be selected by a panel of Resco judges made up of senior members from our Business Development, Partner Channel, and Product teams.

If you want to know what this year’s three award categories are, their evaluation criteria, and tips on how to apply, read on.

Partner of the Year

In our most prestigious award category, ORBIS was the winner for the previous two years. Will they achieve a three-peat? Maybe last year’s finalists Avento, COSMO CONSULT and Key2Act will have something to say about that. Or perhaps we’ll see new contenders emerge!

The award criteria remain unchanged:

  • Total volume of Resco licenses sold and number of new Resco customers from September 2020 to September 2021
  • Retention of existing customer base
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Total number of Resco Academy certifications earned

There is no need to submit an application for the Partner of the Year award. It is evaluated based on available information about Resco partners.

Breakthrough Partner of the Year

Rimrock Corporation was the first partner to win this award last year. It recognizes a partner that emerged and expanded its partnership with Resco since September 2020, resulting in outstanding growth in its customer base and/or revenue.

If you recently started working with Resco and got off to a strong start or have been a long-time partner and reinforced your partnership, it won’t go unnoticed. The amount of time you put into educating your team will also be an important factor.


  • Revenue growth rate compared to previous year
  • Growth and retention of existing customer base
  • Number and size of reported customer opportunities
  • Total number of Resco Academy certifications earned
  • Number of online Resco trainings and webinars attended

There is no need to submit an application for the Breakthrough Partner of the Year award. It is evaluated based on available information about Resco partners.

Business Impact of the Year

In the previous two editions, the Innovation Partner of the Year Award focused on – you guessed it – innovative use of Resco technology. Avento and Avanade took home the honors in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

This year, we decided to tweak the third award on the list and create a category that will focus solely on practical business impact – the Business Impact of the Year award. Demonstrate that doing business with you is a smart choice.

resco next partner awards 2019

Submissions in this category should describe how our partners used Resco to build solutions that fundamentally improved the way their clients do business and achieve success using facts, figures, and client testimonials. Project creativity, strong business practices, and innovation will also be considered.


  • Measurable (e.g., time saved; increase in clients revenue, number of customers visited, presentations made; decreased sync time, etc.)
  • Qualitative (proven by a customer testimonial or quote, e.g. improved collaboration among teams, increased data quality, increased worker satisfaction, etc.)
  • Project size: number of users using Resco in the client’s organization

How to apply:

The best entries are those that include the most detail and are backed up by customer testimony. Metrics, numbers, and statistics are all vital. You need facts to describe the challenge specifically and show how you improved a client’s business.

How many people did your solution serve? What was the bottom-line impact? Did productivity increase? How much money did the customer save? Usage of solid stats to show what you achieved is highly recommended. Tell your story and tell it well. And please make sure that the customer is okay with you sharing this information.

Submit your application for Business Impact of the Year here until September 30

And speaking of customers, they can also nominate Resco partners! If you’re a Resco customer that’s been happy with the work a Resco partner has done for your business in the last year, write us at partners@resco.net, and we’ll reach out to the partner to enroll in the competition! Show how much you appreciate the work they have done to make your business perform better. I’m sure the partners will be delighted.

Final thoughts

Partners from all around the globe are encouraged to apply. Every partner has an opportunity to be among the finalists, win, and raise their profile – not just the “big players”. I hope to see many partners participate in this year’s awards, and we are looking forward to the announcement of our finalists and winners in November during resco.next 2021, just like we did last year.

Oh, and don’t forget to follow #RescoPartnerAwards on social media to get the latest updates. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be sharing testimonials from 2019 and 2020 winners and much more.

Ready, set, go!