Resco on tour with Salesforce – BIG RECAP in pictures & numbers

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This year’s exhilarating ride of Salesforce gatherings is far from being over. In fact, all the fun is just getting started! As for today though, we can cross out 6 out of 10 Salesforce “shows” we plan to attend in 2017 from our list.
Whether you are a European or American Salesforce fellow, there are a plenty of events organized by; and devoted to Salesforce ecosystem and its members. Be it a tiny regional community-led meet-up or a massive conference like Dreamforce with thousands of attendees. To be true, we had a blast at all the jam-packed days spent with Salesforce experts, user group leaders, and various sales and field service reps.

World Tours + Essentials = Salesforce conferences we must recommend!

  • Salesforce World Tour – a series of local events hosted by Salesforce

The aim? To get to know your local Salesforce community. Out of 10 World Tours across Europe, America and Australia, Resco sponsored 5 of them so far. One more is coming up in New York, in December.

  • Salesforce Essentials – a multi-city mini conference for Salesforce enthusiasts

One day, one place, tens of inspiring sessions, thousands of Salesforce executives and leading experts. We participated in Munich’s and Zurich’s edition this year to get a real taste of all the Essentials.

HIGHLIGHTS: Resco on Tour with Salesforce in numbers

GOLD SPONSORSHIP at WORLD TOURS: World-famous cities & Salesforce

COZY ATMOSPHERE at ESSENTIALS: Our achievements at local meetups

We managed to…

  • build brand awareness about Resco in the Salesforce world
  • strengthen our market position in the community
  • receive amazing feedback that helps us move forward
  • develop a big and stable network of new connections

LAST WORD: Interesting facts = learnings we brought back

  • Among all exhibitors, Resco was the only one offering an all-in-one solution (without the need of any 3rd party apps) and people loved the idea
  • Also, we were the only ones that showcased true and unlimited offline mobility
  • Attendees repeatedly stopped by our booth to hear more about the app’s codeless customization possibilities
  • After meeting up with competitors, we learned no mobile apps for Salesforce offers a package of 700+ features to choose from as Resco does

Want to know the best way to understand the whole idea about Resco’s technology and its benefits? See it in action! There is nothing stopping you from scheduling a live demo with one of Resco’s experts!

And now, it’s a picture time! 🙂






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