The business mobility conference to shape your future

Note: This blogpost was written by Rick McCutcheon, Dynamics Solutions MVP and CSP, who will be one of the featured guest speakers at the upcoming conference.
Adopting business mobility isn’t a checklist item. Mobility will drive the future of business.
It’s about serving your customer instantaneously from the field. It’s about closing deals and work orders faster and efficiently.
It’s about moving away from paper and keeping all records in safe and secure environment accessible by the right people at any time.
That’s why attending, Nov. 15-16 in Prague (Marriott Hotel, V Celnici 8, Prague, Czech Republic) is critical to any business looking for innovations in mobile sales and field service solutions.
Who attends
PARTNERS get up to speed with the latest technology, learn to build customized apps, and discover new marketing opportunities.
CUSTOMERS see how mobility helps further streamline operations and find out how other companies approach mobile projects.
IT & BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS dig deep into building completely tailor-made business solutions.

Register now is designed for all professionals interested in mobile CRM solutions powered by Resco:

  • It’s a great event to increase technical knowledge, where attendees learn about Resco’s latest products, technology innovations and development plans.
  • There will be demonstrations of Resco solutions with real-world case studies bringing life and practical application to attendees.
  • Resco partners will increase their knowledge of new licensing information, and real use cases from partner peers.

Sessions encompass the key themes of mobile sales, field service, inspections, Resco’s route planner and application development platform.
Networking is an important benefit of the event. It’s a chance to build your own community of Resco users to draw expertise and to partner with on future projects. You’ll enjoy an unforgettable conference reception party and even a bourbon tasting event while in the historic and beautiful city of Prague.
Ben Vollmer, Microsoft Global Dynamics 365 Field Service Director, Orbis AG Product Manager Henning Sittel and myself will be featured speakers, wrapped around dozens of learning sessions.
“The event has a great focus on customers and partners. What makes it different is the deep commitment Resco has to both groups. It’s great to see that they always come together, share stories about their successes and challenges, and to hear Resco’s ideas how to handle things and improve in terms of the future,” says Vollmer.
This is the seventh event and the fourth in Europe following a successful event in Atlanta in March and Amsterdam in November 2017.
“The demand for mobile solutions continues to be strong. We’re very proud of Resco’s technology and particularly the capability to build tailor-made solution unique to any individual business’ needs,” says Ivan Stano, COO at Resco. “We’re thrilled about the continued growth and diversity of the product and are excited to follow the roadmap to the future. And we of course want to share a glimpse of that future at with our partners and customers.”
Here’s a link for an invitation to register and join us at . For more information contact Event Manager Simona Luhova at +421 220 902 0117 or

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