resco.NEXT 2021 Virtual: 6 expert sessions you shouldn’t miss


Are you into innovating field operations and workforce knowledge?

Then you know what time it is. The time to book a spot at the best event to learn and broaden your horizons — resco.NEXT 2021 Virtual.

resco.NEXT is our annual conference consisting of educational sessions presented by Resco’s senior technical and business development professionals and guests. We love sharing expertise with you. We also love connecting with customers and partners and hearing your ideas, experiences, and feedback. Which is why it is fantastic that people worldwide can attend this year´s event, as it is virtual and entirely free!

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Attend Resco’s event of the year

Discover how to transform field operations and workforce knowledge, learn about new features and road map, and get answers from our experts

Catch us on November 18 at 2 PM CET and see what innovations Resco has up its sleeve. Explore with us the freshest technology innovations, dive deep into topics you love, find new growth opportunities, and much more. All you have to do is register through this link or click on the button above.

Attend sessions packed with expertise and exciting news

#1: Keynote

This year, the event will be kicked off at 2 PM CET with a keynote from CEO Miro Pomsar, who wants to tell you a story about a laptop cowboy. And while at it, he will also share insights on dead tree businesses, what’s wrong with enterprise mobility, and how he would change it.

On the stage, he will be joined by CPO Juraj Mojik and Andrew Lorraine, Resco’s Strategic Partnerships Manager. Juraj will run over our progress in mobility technology, such as day planning, field data entry, or wearable UI. You also don’t want to miss his talk about our Service Platform and not yet heard details about Resco Capsule. Andrew will have a close look at our partners’ exciting business results in cooperation with Resco – the results you have the potential to achieve.

You can also expect two special guests.

#2: How to achieve maintenance excellence with resco.FieldService

Work in the field, shoot for the stars! Learn about Resco’s brand-new product, and so far, our biggest and most ambitious step of field service management — resco.FieldService. 

Our knowledgeable guests from Field Service in Motion, Johan Franck and Dominique Vaes, will share 5 most important points to consider for a successful resco.FieldService implementation. Resco’s Product Manager Eduard Kesely will walk you through the product’s essential functionalities, benefits, and flawless mobile experience. And finally, Georgio Rossi, our Sales Director, will show partners the new sectors for great business opportunities our solution can bring.

#3: Discover resco.ServicePlatform — Your door to a world of Opportunities

Join our experts in unveiling resco.ServicePlatform — your door to an entirely new world of business opportunities. Discover how it evolved to become the ultimate services-focused mobility solution. 

You can learn about the business and partnership potential of the resco.ServicePlatform, presented by Giorgio Rossi and Michal Kubala. Explore the platform’s architecture, features, new capabilities, and development plans with our Product Manager Michal Magnusek. And listen to the experience of our partner HA Consultancy, who is building its own resco.ServicePlatform based solution. 

#4: Elevate your Microsoft Dynamics Experience with Resco

For this session, you are in for a treat — there are seven (!) speakers we will hear from.  Our team will explain Field Service 2.0, an all-in-one solution aimed at Dynamics 365 customers, and unveil big plans Resco has in store for 2022. We also invited our partners to share with you their success stories and elevated experience with Dynamics. Mazik global will have a closer look at field service in the healthcare industry. NORRIQ will tell you about the easy set-up of Resco’s new integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

And finally, we will dive with Ivana Gabajova and Peter Matejik into Resco’s improved capabilities for sales scenarios and the new Routes AI functionality. So much to look forward to!

#5: Meet resco.Guides: Knowledge management software for connected frontline workers

A lot is going on in knowledge management departments of organizations nowadays, trying to juggle the silver tsunami, skill gaps, and industry 4.0 technology. Tune into the session and let our speakers Karin Pribylová and Jozef Drha show you the knowledge management software that helps to solve such challenges — resco.Guides. Our experts will show you how to attract customers, access new markets, and improve your services. Furthermore, they will invite a special guest, Sam Klaidman from Middlesex Consulting, to talk about managing the fluctuation of the workforce.

#6: Resco Partner Awards 2021

And finally, our favorite and dearest part of every resco.NEXT conference – acknowledging and celebrating achievements of the Resco network. We will be thrilled to recognize leading Resco Partners and announce finalists and winners in the following three categories: 

  • Business Impact of the Year 
  • Breakthrough Partner of the Year 
  • Partner of the Year 

In this session, you can reflect on the past year, get inspired, and hear stories of our partners’ hard work, creativity, and business impact. 

Join us!

Grab your virtual seat now by registering for free. And stay tuned for the upcoming blog post with even more details!