Take a look into the future: What’s Resco Mobile CRM long-term vision?

Resco Mobile CRM has been on the market for almost 6 years now.
In the world of mobile, this is a really significant amount of time. To put it into perspective: Resco Mobile CRM is almost the same age as the first iPhone or Android phones. And it’s older than iPad and other tablets!

What’s the current Status Quo?

Resco Mobile CRM app, together with its customization tool Woodford, now provides most of CRM and mobile device functionalities that every professional performing his job on the go needs.
To better understand the whole mobile CRM segment, we have looked at other vendors of the mobile CRM solutions; such as SalesForce, SAP, Sugar, and several lesser-known ones. Most of them target iOS platform only, with the main focus on iPad. Some have a lite support of Android, and almost none supports Windows. From the functionality and customization point of view, Resco Mobile CRM is far ahead.
This entitles me to say: Resco Mobile CRM is the top technology in its segment.
And we’ll keep doing our best to keep this spot. However, that being said, we don’t want to stay current only by providing new enhancements to the current mobile solution.

So what’s our plan for the future?

Our vision is go way beyond mobile CRM segment. We want to allow companies to utilize advanced mobile communication technologies. To help them organize their mobile stuff with professional scheduling and route planning tools. Allow mobile users to easily share documents, reports and to perform inspections in the field…
Our target is to make Resco Mobile CRM the main tool for the mobile business.
In order to find out what exactly am I referring to, read Resco Mobile CRM vision for the next 3 years, an enticing document that outlines the focus areas of our future product development.

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