Resco Mobile Apps: Enterprise functionality for consumers unburdens businesses

Recently, I’ve come across a post about the kinds of business apps that boost productivity when available on mobile devices. As I read through the list, I realized something:
Curiously, four out of seven app types brought up in the article, seemed even more intriguing when you imagine them in the hands of customers, partners or other third-party stakeholders.
And since Resco Mobile Apps allow you to do just that, let’s take a closer look at how you can utilize enterprise functionality within consumer apps.

Customer relationship management

“Provide a better service to prospects and customers with the ability to generate sales quotes and request sales discounts from mobile devices.” These are traditionally enterprise apps used by sales people to access CRM data, which in turn enables them to provide higher-quality service to clients.
But, considering the surge of various shopping apps, consumer users are perfectly capable of making orders and discover products also by themselves. As an incentive, you can incorporate a loyalty program, include discount coupons directly in-app or make it an efficient way to get in touch. All of it while taking the administrative burden off your staff, since the data from the users will be synchronized to your CRM.

Supply chain management

Due to its flexibility, many businesses are using Dynamics CRM also as a supply chain management (SCM) software solution. And what’s even better than when someone inquires about the stock availability of a product and an employee can answer the question on the spot just by looking at his mobile device? When customers or partners are able to effortlessly look up the information on their own smartphone or tablet!
For example, to enable to always see the order’s status – whether it’s being prepared to ship, or it just landed at the client’s doorstep.

Service applications

This type of app can “provide a more efficient experience for customers before or after they buy.” When a problem occurs, the user himself can take a picture, make an audio recording, or even shoot a video right within the app and send it directly to your CRM system. Service technicians can get a more detailed look at the issue before heading out to the field – therefore they’re able to prepare in advance and solve it that much faster.

Consumer-oriented applications

“Remove barriers in the customer experience by enabling customers to complete activities without having to call into a central line or go to a store in person,” stands in the aforementioned article. But why stop there? You can effectively empower a long-time business partner, reliable supplier or your hard-working volunteers with a mobile application.
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