Resco Mobile Apps – all you wanted to know and were (not) afraid to ask


A while back we talked about why businesses should have a mobile app for consumers, partners or other external users. But why build an app from scratch when you can take advantage of your already established infrastructure?
Resco Mobile Apps let you combine your Dynamics CRM and Resco’s know-how to create a fully customized app for third-party users. In a fraction of usual development time and costs.
However, we know hearing only this raises also a few questions. We’ve collected those we often get from customers and partners when they hear about Resco Mobile Apps for the first time, so we can provide you with the answers. Put on your walking shoes, here we go:

What’s the difference between Resco Mobile CRM and Resco Mobile Apps?

Resco Mobile CRM app for internal employees is the classic approach when thinking about CRM and mobility. Resco Mobile Apps allow you to build a consumer friendly app for anyone interested in your organization, on the basis of the tried and tested Resco Mobile CRM app.
After all, your Dynamics CRM is loaded with information, which can be useful also for external users. Simply choose the information you want to share from your Dynamics CRM, customize the design and offer the app to the people.

What’s in it for my company?

You can make use of an app for external users whether you run a business, public or a nonprofit organization. Utilize it as a new marketing channel, enhance the loyalty program or your product presentation. Engage with fans by offering a unique content. Let citizens report any issues when they occur. Or manage large numbers of volunteers hassle-free. Explore even more usage scenarios here.

What licenses do I need?

Because the app connects to your CRM you will need an external connector license for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In the 2013 and newer versions, this license should be already included with the system, free of charge. For earlier versions of Dynamics CRM the license can be purchased separately. Whichever version of Dynamics CRM you use, we recommend to contact your local Microsoft office for further information since prices and conditions might vary in different regions.
You will also require an external license from Resco, which covers your entire organization and all users of the app.  For information on pricing request a quote.

Are there any other technical requirements?

Apart from the external licenses and, obviously, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you only need to download Woodford – our customizing tool – and you’re good to go. It is a drag & drop application that will help you transform the standard Resco Mobile CRM app. If you wish, you can also use HTML with JavaScript to change the app’s looks and functionality even further.

Can I use my company’s branding with the app?

Of course! From the icon, to the very last in-app button, you can fully customize the app, so it fits your organizational visual identity. We can even get it into the app stores for you. Just give us a shout.

Is allowing access to CRM data for external users secure?

Yes it is. The app connects to your Dynamics CRM via web services and it’s completely up to you what level of access you give to the users.
You can apply various filters on the data. So if you decide that you want the users to see only general information (say products and their prices), just set up a universal security role for all external users in the CRM. After downloading the app they will see the general content. Even without logging in.
If you want to offer user-specific information along the general content, users need to log in with a login name and a password. You can distribute the login name and password to the users, manually approve them when they fill in a registration form, or have it automatically approved. After logging in the users will see unique data, for example their order history.

Can the users also modify the data?

Yes, if you allow them to. As mentioned in the previous answer, you decide whether they will be able to update their contact information, create new orders, make any other changes or make no modifications at all.

It’s best to drink your own champagne…

Therefore you can check out how we created a conference app for the attendees of resco.next, which took place this June in Vienna. Simply download Resco Mobile CRM from the app store to your device and log in with the following credentials:
URL: resconext-vienna15.rescocrm.com
Username: next@resco.net
Password: vienna
If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at mobilecrm@resco.net. We’ll be more than happy to answer them all.