Resco listens: Influence the roadmap by proposing & voting for new features

What makes a company able to become and stay a leader in its field? For us, it’s the ability to listen to its clients in order to understand and address their needs. We are regularly collecting feedback that helps us shape our products, but last year, we decided to take things a bit further and offer a new communication channel through which partners and customers can voice their opinions and influence the direction of Resco.

Shaping Resco solutions together – at

Starting last year, attendees of have the exclusive opportunity to propose and vote for new features. Our experts collect and discuss the proposals and the top ones are then included in the roadmap to be implemented throughout the year.
The conference strives to be a dialogue, and feature requests, together with one-on-one sessions and networking, are definitely worth considering if you’d like to actively participate in shaping the future of Resco products.

Top features implemented from 2018 suggestions

Since the last in Prague, we’ve implemented several features based on customer feedback. Here is a selection of the most important ones:

Create/update records through rules instead of JavaScript

resco woodford methods - saveafter
An example of new rule methods: create a Task once a new Lead has been created, to follow up on that Lead in a week’s time.

Up until Spring Update 2019, the ability to create or modify records was THE point at which you needed to start utilizing JavaScript in your projects. After 2018 and finding out how common this task is, we implemented the possibility to achieve the same with rules. This means even more flexibility for configurators, who can now accomplish more without the need for code. You can find more details about the new rule methods and variables in our Spring Update blog and webinar.

Multiple forms per entity

Imagine you need to divide your accounts into customers and partners and use a different form for each category. This was previously possible by using the same form with rule-conditioned sections. The new option to create multiple distinct Forms significantly improves maintenance. You can find out more in this webinar.

Sync conflict resolution directly from the Sync Dashboard

conflict resolution in resco sync dashboardConflict resolution in Sync Dashboard

We enabled administrators to resolve conflicts remotely, reducing the need for end users to do so manually. You can read more about this feature in the Spring Update blog.

Result Viewer for Inspections

When utilizing a mobile form solution such as Resco Inspections, being able to work with and dissect the data is crucial. That’s why in previous releases, we focused on expanding the evaluation capabilities of the solution. One such improvement is the Result Viewer, which offers a clear visual overview of questions and answers. You can read more about the Result Viewer in our Summer Update 2019 blog.

Become a part of the conversation

Would you like to influence Resco’s upcoming roadmap as well? Make sure you are heard and join us on 24-25th October in Rome for 2019 – the enterprise mobility event of the year.

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