Resco is growing its local Partner base, this time with KODYS

The list of forward thinking companies embracing new technologies is rapidly growing. They significantly enhance and strengthen daily business environments and simplify your workflow. When it comes to mobile technologies, they are a living proof of expanding mobility, not only into the sphere of personal life, but also into a professional one.
For almost 18 years, Resco’s technology and know-how has been spreading all over the world, and influencing companies from various fields.  Our customers and partners mainly come from Western Europe and North America.  You would have thought that most of our customers and partners are from Slovakia, where we are based out of, however, finding our place in a local market that is quite unique, wasn’t always an easy feat. On top of that, Resco’s philosophy always was to grow globally, hence, the Slovak market was not our first and foremost priority.
A well-known company in Slovakia, KODYS, deepened their collaboration with Resco at the beginning of 2017. Normally, when choosing the right Mobile CRM solution, numerous factors come into play that many IT companies have to consider. The most important is true mobility, working in both online and offline modes. Other examples are customization capabilities of the solution, constant access to real-time data, mobile auditing, a user-friendly design, and more.
Resco and KODYS introduced the ibcsSwift solution to the Slovak market.  KODYS Slovakia belongs under IBCS Group that also offers mobile solutions in Bulgaria, China, Czech republic, Hungary and Poland.  Hence, KODYS and Resco believe that this solution will find its customers behind Slovak borders thanks to IBCS Group. The solution aims to streamline work for service technicians in the field. With limited working conditions that are different to those of an office environment, field service representatives needed something more robust to work with. Offering constant access to a CRM system on-the-go thanks to the ibcsSwift solution, arms field service crews with a plethora of information about their potential and existing customers without being dependent on the back-end office.

User-friendly & offline-ready for every type of business

IbcsSwift solution enables workers on-the-go to perform tasks such as remote assignment, acceptance, or recording of spare parts and materials used in service – all within an interactive and easy-to-use interface. What’s more—newly updated information displayed right on your small screen allows for easier problem solving of your customers within a few minutes.
The question is—what happens when losing connectivity? The ability to access and collect information offline is crucial to any field service management solution. IbcsSwift is built on Resco’s technology – including full-fledged offline capabilities that are part of its mobile CRM solution. It allows technicians to keep working with no interruptions, even with poor or no internet connectivity.

Why implement the solutioninto your business?

We live in a fast-changing world where everything technology-wise is also fast-evolving. If effectively used, they can simplify and accelerate the work of external or internal users. Thanks to Resco Mobile CRM and solutions built on this platform, service mobile workers can recognize difficult tasks and complete them without switching between different solution applications.
We truly believe that the successful outcome of such a robust project, will lead to a more strong & long-term relationship in Resco’s home country of this kind.
Curious about our local presence? Drop us a line if you have any questions about our partners, customers, Resco Mobile CRM, and more at
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