Resco in 2018: Recap and latest plans

With 2019 now upon us, let’s take a quick look back at 2018 – the year that turned out to be the most successful in Resco’s history, brought us exciting new opportunities and numerous great achievements.

Revenue and customer base

Compared to 2017, in 2018 Resco’s annual revenue grew by 35%, with 350 new corporate customers deciding to mobilize their business systems with Resco throughout 2018. Among them, industry leaders and household names such as Generali Belgium, Red Bull, Scania Czech Republic, and SGS.
From sales to field service scenarios and beyond, we’ve been thrilled by the astonishing variety of use cases. And working with the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has been one of our greatest privileges, as UNHCR utilizes Resco mobile and server technology to register and manage the refugee population in some of the most challenging conditions on the planet.
Overall, Resco now provides solutions for more than 2 200 customers with 150 000 licensed mobile users. In fact, right now we do not have any users in just 9 countries and territories around the globe.
Even more significantly, the usage of Resco solutions is diversified across dozens of industries. From manufacturing, healthcare, retail & wholesale, financial services, to energy, transportation, agriculture, FMCG and many others.
Looking at our customer base from the organization size point of view, Resco products are running at small, medium, and large organizations. That is yet another testament to Resco’s exceptional flexibility and scalability. Whether running a family business with a few mobile users or a multinational enterprise with thousands of workers in the field, organizations of all size can leverage mobility just as effectively.

A new vision for partner ecosystem

However, we couldn’t achieve all of the above without the support of our partners. As Resco is first and foremost a technology company, focused on developing its platform for enterprise mobile solutions, we rely on our partners to build on this platform. Currently, more than 500 system integrators worldwide partner with Resco on creating and delivering exceptional solutions and unique business systems to customers.
In 2018 we made a clear statement when it comes to helping partners with their business – our focus is on accelerating partner support to grow their mobility practice, innovations, and specialization. To that end we’ve established a new team at Resco, dedicated exclusively to partner success – the Partner team.
We also simplified the way we are working with partners and incorporated a tiered commission structure into partner agreements. Partners can now create their own mobile solution beyond traditional CRM scenarios on Resco’s platform. And then showcase their solution at our Partner Marketplace.
In the upcoming year, Resco is also seeking to provide partners with new training opportunities to get involved with our platform and solutions. The Partner team has identified 3 key education opportunities for system integration partners so that they can bring enterprise mobility into the real world: pre-sales trainings to empower consultants; technical trainings for delivery teams; quality assurance trainings for efficient project upkeep. And partners can also look forward to brand new Resco Playbooks, which will help pre-sales and sales teams to understand and communicate the added value of Resco solutions and enterprise mobility in general.

Events & 2018

To stay in touch with our customers and partners we’ve also attended and sponsored 27 business mobility related events and conferences. To name just a few, you could have met us at Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas, Extreme 365 in Dubrovnik and Austin, Salesforce World Tours in New York, Boston and Paris.  Or you could have spent with us a Dynamic 365 Saturday in London and Amsterdam, or joined us for Salesforce Basecamps in Zurich, Warsaw and many others.
After Vienna, Munich, and Amsterdam, we have brought our annual conference to Prague on November 15-16, 2018. With over 200 attendees from 92 companies and 24 countries in the audience it was the most successful edition so far and we sure had a great time. We shared our new enterprise mobility strategy for the company and its product offering, partner ecosystem, technology development and beyond with our partners, customers and prospects. Two days filled with 27 engaging business and technical sessions with and abundance of networking opportunities indeed flew by. I’d like to once again thank all who joined us in Prague or supported us remotely – you’ve made the entire conference a truly special experience. And we hope to see even more of you in 2019 in Rome 🙂

Airtight security, direct partnership with Microsoft and recognition by Gartner

Looking back at the past 12 months we’ve also achieved 3 significant milestones that stand among the most important ones in Resco’s nearly 20-year existence.
First, NCC Group – an independent global expert in cyber security and risk mitigation – evaluated Resco’s technology and confirmed its airtight security. Along with our mobile app they reviewed also the associated web service API components that combine to form the solution. After a detailed analysis, the NCC Group’s security report concluded that our technology presents a strong security posture that is appropriate for business data which requires protection. You can read more about the analysis and download the entire report here.
Secondly, we have officially announced our direct partnership with Microsoft on Dynamics 365 for Field Service mobile. Since Microsoft acquired FieldOne (originally a Resco partner) in 2015, the mobile component of its Dynamics 365 for Field Service has been built on Resco. The application is robust, utilizes Resco’s trademark offline capabilities, and it’s a crucial part of the field service user experience.
With this agreement, Resco and Microsoft have taken a significant step towards closer collaboration in the upcoming years. The partnership promises even more direct integration between the Resco mobile platform and Dynamics 365 for Field Service – where the Resco mobile application and Woodford are used to configure, administer, and complete field service tasks seamlessly with Dynamics 365. It will empower field service professionals to get their work done efficiently and play a key role in providing better and better customer experiences for people around the world.
And last, but not least – Resco has been positioned by Gartner in its 2018 Magic Quadrant for Mobile App Development Platforms for the very first time. We are honored and proud to have been included in the report. We believe that being recognized by a global authority like Gartner reflects that we are moving in the right direction with our ambition to provide a complete platform for business mobility. And at the same time, we view it as an additional motivation and commitment to our customers and partners. As a technology vendor with almost 20 years of experience, we still strive to further improve our products and help to ensure the success of your business.
With customers and partners all around the world Resco has an extensive and geographically diverse network. However, as Gartner pointed out, up until this point we have been focused almost exclusively on CRM mobility. But with the latest additions to our roadmap, we believe we are on the right path to expand the applicability of Resco products to much broader enterprise use cases. So what we have in store for you in the upcoming months?

Ready for what’s coming in 2019?

With expanding capabilities, Resco’s mobile client and Woodford configurator have become a true Mobile Application Development Platform.
Our goal is to enable customers and partners to build apps, whether connected to CRM or any other enterprise systems. And handle all aspects of the mobile solution. From state-of-the-art mobile application and the Woodford configurator, to branding & publishing marketplace and tools to analyze the actual usage. We are aiming to build up a robust development environment based on Woodford which is the essential part of all Resco mobile projects. The platform will go beyond CRM scenarios and will handle the entire lifecycle of a mobile business app solution – establishing a mobile project, team collaboration, app release and app analytics.
Among new products, our main focus in 2019 is Resco Inspections, which has already generated substantial interest from sales and service-oriented organizations alike. It enables companies to easily build custom dynamic forms (questionnaires) for countless job requirements. You can then schedule activities with the questionnaires attached. The technician or inspector uses the mobile app to navigate through the job. The questionnaire provides both guidance through individual steps of the process and ensures proper data collection. And the information collected can be then reviewed in detail using the Analytics tool. Resco Inspections can be seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce, or utilized as a standalone solution.
Another new product, Resco Route Planner will allow companies to work with their business data displayed on a map and take action based on real-time geographic information. User will see their team’s the current position, upcoming tasks and planned routes, as well as up-to-date status of all their activities. Focusing on a specific team member, Route Planner will provide even more insight into his or her itinerary – such as accounts, contacts, appointments, opportunities, quotes, orders related to the user, and much more. The Time Shift feature will enable you to easily move in time and review how the team has worked throughout the day. And even forecast their future performance – helping to foresee potential issues and create even more accurate plans.
To top it all off, in 2018 we’ve also progressed with City Smart Services – Resco’s solution for smarter municipalities – which is already getting implemented in the first municipalities. To make City Smart Services even smarter, we’ve also based MADhack, our annual competition for young programmers, around the solution – focusing on further incorporation of latest IoT advancements.
Here, I would like to once again thank all of you – our customers, partners, supporters and friends for your exceptional goodwill and trust.
We look forward to continue working together and hope you all have a successful 2019!

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