Resco in 2016: Recap & Future Plans



2016 was another exciting year for Resco, full of great news and achievements.
In January, we acquired CWR Mobility, which stabilized our leading position as a provider
of mobile offline solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Thanks to the acquisition, we gained a number of new interesting customers and we started a partnership with new promising partners.
To see how far we’ve come in 2016, we acquired 482 new customers with about 32K licensed users overall, all using offline mobile apps for sales or field service scenarios. We are happy to have very good feedback from our customers and to see that they value the investment made with Resco’s technology. With an immediate positive impact to their sales or service operations, it was definitely a positive decision and overall asset to their organizations. Moreover, most of our existing customers remained with us and utilize Resco’s mobile technology on a daily basis. We are proud to claim that as of now, we have a total of 1,600+ corporate customers and 75K+ licensed users while most of them use Resco as the main platform for accessing corporate data.
However, it is with great success that we owe to our partner channel network. Last year, 229 new partners have joined the Resco team and we currently have 619 partners worldwide, in total. We thank all our new and existing partners for their efforts while working with Resco technology and we’ll keep doing our best so that our partnership is a strong win-win for us all.
To keep in touch with our partners and customers we sponsored a number of various conferences in many locations, last year. Either they were organized by Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, or our own resco.next conference that took place in Munich, Germany and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania last year. And we’ll keep on a similar trend in 2017, as well. We’ll keep you informed about our event calendar via resco.net.
From a development point of view, we’ve done a lot to combine our existing technology, with the know-how we’ve gained over the 18 years when it comes to development for sales and field service corporations. So in addition to new features, we also concentrated on sales and service processes. And we’ve significantly improved integration capabilities. So that Resco technology can serve any sales or field service organization where mobility plays a crucial role. And it can easily integrate with various CRM or ERP systems, such as Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, and others.

Future plans

Our plans for 2017 are ambitious. We will significantly improve the process layers of our sales and field service productivity software. Moreover, we’d like to extend our product portfolio to new areas, where mobility plays an important role so that we can build on our years of experience. The main areas we’d like to focus on this year are device security, offline security intelligence, user adoption, user efficiency, and scenarios for external users.

Offline Sales & Field Service (Productivity)

Thanks to 1,600+ corporate customers and 18 years of experience while working with them on their specific sales or field service projects, we want to dive deeper when it comes to processes that are common in both areas.
Our main target this year, is to provide all the processes and related functionality in offline. That’s the main requirement in 99% of all sales and field service organizations.
Our solution is already offline-ready from a processes’ point of view. Thus, a user can perform actions like converting a lead into an account and opportunity. Or to create a quote with respect to an actual corporate product catalog and its pricing policy. Everything in offline, with no connection to the CRM server.
In the near future, we’ll add support for processes that are necessary to other roles besides sales reps, field technicians in sales, or service organizations. Such as, schedule a service order to an available and qualified service technician, based on their actual schedule and physical location.

SDM (Security)

Offline functionality brings extreme security challenges. All corporations invest millions of dollars to protect their CRM servers against possible threats. But they don’t realize that enabling offline functionality means copying a significant portion of their sensitive CRM data to hundreds (or thousands) of mobile devices. Those are often used also for personal purposes. So if a mobile CRM vendor doesn’t provide reliable security, or does not even encrypt a local database, millions of investment dollars can be wasteful.
Using 3rd party Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Security Device Management (SDM) solutions is also not the best choice because it requests that the organizations have internal processes assuring that MDM is installed on every device before it is used for business purposes. This is quite risky and difficult to realize mainly in the BYOD strategy.
Resco provides a professional SDM, which is fully integrated with the CRM. The SDM is installed to every device together with the Sales or Field Service app. Moreover, this scenario allows us to go beyond standard SDM features such as wipe out of the local database, etc. We can go deep into the actual processes. We are able to protect certain parts of the application that seem to be at risk, such as forbidding to show a view of accounts but allowing to enter a new one. Or the SDM can simply forbid to perform an operation in LA, CA by a user who utilized another operation in Atlanta, GA, just an hour ago. Such a complex design and integrated SDM can provide advanced security intelligence by learning user habits with respect to times, locations, and operations actualized over a certain period of time.
Our intention in this area is to improve our integrated SDM, so it goes far beyond current MDM and SDM functionalities and will define a new level of security standards for mobile device enterprise solutions.

Mobile Audit (Adoption)

One of the big advantages of a mobile app is that it can track by whom, what, when and also where an operation has taken place. There are many scenarios how this tracked data can be utilized. The main purpose of a mobile audit shouldn’t be only to monitor users’ routes, but rather utilize this data to find out where internal processes of an organization do not quite work. Either, users don’t want to use the CRM app, or they just simply don’t know how to use it. And related analytics can help companies to make improvements and see where certain operations lack these functions.
CRM systems usually sustain a significant investment from companies, so a good user adoption is one of the important ways in which that investment does not go to waste and in fact, money that was invested is brought back.
One of the most common KPIs for sales, or field service organizations is accounting for in-person visits. For a salesperson to create new opportunities, or collect new orders. And for service technicians to provide their services. Not just a virtual appointment via phone calls, or internet chats. But real, face-to-face, one-on-ones at the customer premises.
Thanks to data tracked within the mobile app, an organization can, for example, analyze how many scheduled appointments have really taken place. How much time a salesperson or technician really spent at the client’s office. Customers who haven’t been visited for a certain period of time, or any other kind of related analytics.
We have already done a lot of development in this area. Our mobile apps are ready-made for automatic data collection, based on the admin’s configuration. Furthermore, we’ll concentrate to build an analytics tool that would give customers the perfect overview about where the processes in their organization don’t quite work at their max potential.

Route Planner (Efficiency)

The Route Planner is definitely a tool that can significantly improve the efficiency of mobile workers.
In 2016, we launched our very first version of the Route Planner, which can be used by a mobile user on their Phone, or Tablet device, while considering traffic information based on Google Maps data.
Our intention in this area is to add advanced server functionality, that would allow scheduling multiple appointments for multiple mobile workers based on their existing schedule, their locations, and actual traffic situation. We have implemented all the standards that are necessary for this kind of functionality while having everything integrated with the CRM database.

Apps (Extensibility)

External users such as customers, or partners are an important part of every customer ecosystem. Connecting them to a corporate CRM can bring significant improvements to the customer’s business processes. Mobile applications can provide very convenient ways to face this challenge. A mobile app can be, for example, used by a customer to submit an incident, service request, or an order of goods.
We are preparing two scenarios for such usage, one for sales and one for service. And we want to bring whole solutions with all roles and mobile/desktop apps dedicated to them. We will provide such projects as a template for our partners and customers with all the designs, schemas, and source codes. This way, they can easily learn from them and potentially utilize the templates for their own purposes. We will provide two templates:

  • Restaurant, with applications designed for:
    • Interactive tablet-based menus
    • Chef, getting food orders
    • Waiter, getting drink orders
    • Customer, having loyalty programs
  • The municipality, with applications designed for:
    • Citizen, reporting problems
    • Service technician, solving problems
    • Service manager, dispatching technicians to the field

As you can see, Resco has come quite far when it comes to not only their product and solution advancements, but also from a partner and customer care standpoint of view. We engage with our customers and partners so that we too, continue to grow, and making you happy is our ultimate goal. There’s no point in creating a product/solution if it doesn’t work for you. And we’ll continue to gather feedback from our users and partners, invest in research and development, and make progressive efforts so that we maintain ourselves as leaders in providing top quality mobile offline solutions.