Resco in 2015: Recap and further plans

2015 was a year of great success for Resco and our Mobile CRM product. Our customer list expanded by numerous new corporate clients including Bridgestone, Coopeuch, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, KPMG Switzerland, SCA, and about 300 more. We are proud to have you all on our customer list and will do our best to help you get as much as possible out of Mobile CRM.
This September we also acquired our 1000th corporate customer. It is an important milestone for us and makes us one of the leaders in the mobile CRM industry.
From the user perspective, in 2015, we gained almost 20,000 new licensed users. Most of them are real mobile professionals and use Resco Mobile CRM as their main tool for accessing corporate CRM data.
Looking at the revenue, this year’s growth will be around 55%, increasing our five-year average growth to 45%.
But we wouldn’t achieve these results without the exceptional support from our partners. 55 companies joined our partner network in 2015. Which means that currently there’s a total of 390 partners offering Resco products. Working together allows us to bring advanced mobile solutions to customers in every corner of the world.
We also moved to a spacious new office and expanded our team by 20%. But we still keep a friendly and informal working atmosphere.
Thanks to the FieldOne acquisition by Microsoft, Resco’s technology is provided by Microsoft for the field service scenarios as a part of their Professional and Enterprise license. This proves the outstanding quality of our technology yet again – especially our offline capabilities which are a native requirement for every field technician.
We organized the first editions of our mobile CRM conference called in Vienna, Austria, and Boston, MA with about 120 attendees from 13 countries. We also sponsored many CRM-related events, be it Microsoft Convergence, Gartner Customer 360 Summit, Oracle OpenWorld and a few others. And everywhere we got a fantastic reception from Microsoft, Oracle, and other communities, praising Resco Mobile CRM as the top technology that’s currently available.
To keep the leading position, we introduced plenty of improvements  to our mobile CRM apps, configuration tools, and our CRM server (more than 100 new features). The server solution now provides a fast, good-looking browser client and native Office365 and Gmail integrations as well. This product can serve as a standalone CRM solution for the “Mobile First” strategy and as a great support for all the standard CRM functionalities.
Because of the growing interest from other than Microsoft CRM communities, we started with an extended support of the integration layer. We have created a dedicated technical team for this purpose. Our goal was to provide native connectors to other CRM products such as Oracle Siebel where we see a lot of potential. And the first encouraging results have already arrived – Bayer CropScience now uses Resco Mobile CRM with their Oracle Siebel. Moreover, the new design of the integration layer allows our partners to build their own integrations to other CRM or non-CRM back-ends.
We also see a lot of potential in Mobile Apps that can serve as a powerful tool for for external users such as partners, clients, volunteers or other collaborators. We’re already running projects of this type for our customers such as British Red Cross.
And finally, we are getting a better picture about how to incorporate wearables, such as Apple Watch, into CRM scenarios.

What’s the plan?

All the facts I mentioned above mean a big commitment for us. A commitment to continue developing the technology and our ecosystem even more.
We realize the increasing demand for mobile business solutions all around the globe. Businesses are aware of the need for a mobile app not just for their CRM users, or other employees who spend work time out of office. They understand the advantages of providing an app for external business allies just as well.
And this is a challenge for companies like Resco. Companies that have vast experience with all aspects of mobility. Companies that understand the needs and behavior of consumers as well as business users. Companies that know the entire mobile ecosystem perfectly – from mobile OS’, through devices, to developer and testing tools. And have countless experiences with small, middle or large corporations with thousands of mobile users and various user scenarios.

“We want to unite all parts of our technology into one unique product.”

Our intention is to unite all parts of our current mobile technology into one unique product, which we will develop further. So any corporation could provide a dedicated mobile app for internal CRM and non-CRM users or external stakeholders, such as suppliers, partners, or customers – supported on all common mobile and wearable devices. So that Resco can offer any organization a platform for its complete mobile strategy.

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