Resco harmonizes its product lineup to offer a platform for complete mobile strategy

„Our intention is to unite all parts of our current mobile technology into one unique product, which we will develop further. So that Resco can offer any organization a platform for its complete mobile strategy.” Those are the words of Resco’s CEO Rado Vozar, you may remember from his post summarizing the year 2015. And 2016, indeed, will mark a new chapter in our product offering.
As its popularity has grown even beyond the Microsoft Dynamics CRM community, Resco Mobile CRM aims to offer an all-in-one mobile solution for businesses. In fact, it already is much more than just a mobile client enabling access to other backend systems.
This led us to harmonize our product lineup, until now, consisting of Resco Mobile CRM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and a standalone CRM server named Resco CRM. Now both solutions meet under the Resco Mobile CRM banner.

What does it exactly mean?

Every Resco Mobile CRM license now includes access to the CRM server formerly known as Resco CRM. It provides rich CRM functionality, a data storage space, and a web browser client, which complement the well-known mobile app. Complete with a smart administration console that enables to easily customize the entire solution. This addition lets companies utilize Resco Mobile CRM as a standalone solution, bringing mobility without the need for another third-party backend software.
The inclusion of the server to Resco Mobile CRM opens up new opportunities also to businesses who use different back-end systems, but are still on the hunt for a reliable mobile solution. It extends the connectivity of the Resco Mobile CRM app far beyond its out-of-the-box support of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Therefore mobile workers can enjoy a convenient access to their data via Resco’s sleek and intuitive mobile client, whatever CRM or ERP solution the back office uses.

Meet Siebel. Oracle Siebel

That’s why, in addition to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can now just as comfortably integrate Resco Mobile CRM with Oracle Siebel
And Even though we have entered the Oracle community only recently, enterprises have already started to deploy Resco Mobile CRM as their mobile solution for Oracle Siebel.

Does this change anything for Dynamics CRM users?

Not one thing.
It’s still just a matter of a few moments to download the Resco Mobile CRM app from Apple App Store, Google Play, or Windows Store and connect it directly with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You don’t need to install any middleware or server components.
And don’t forget that you can utilize the app not just to streamline the work of internal employees. You can also create apps integrated with your Dynamics CRM to connect with your customers, partners, citizens, volunteers, fans or any other stakeholders.
If you have any questions about the latest enhancements to Resco Mobile CRM, give us a shout at or visit our freshly re-designed website

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