Resco Fireside Chat: Mobility for Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers

Resco Fireside Chat

What does being mobile mean to you? Is it just using mobile devices, or is it a way of doing business? Being mobile might mean many different things.

At Resco, we see mobility as the way to freedom and flexibility at work. These, in turn, allow for higher productivity. Thanks to mobility, you can work from anywhere you need – everything is on your mobile device. And last week, we discussed this very topic with one of our most valuable partners, the IT consulting company ORBIS AG.

Introducing Resco Fireside Chat

Fireside Chat is a popular format where presenters informally discuss a subject and interact with the attendees. At our first Resco Fireside Chat, Resco´s COO & Chief Evangelist Ivan Staňo discussed mobility with Janko Sornik, Business Unit Manager Microsoft Service at ORBIS AG.

In their discussion, Janko and Ivan cover subjects such as:

  • various approaches to mobility
  • what customers look for in mobile solutions
  • the difference between mobile platforms and apps with mobile support
  • offline as a feature vs. offline as default
  • release cycle and maintenance of Power Apps & Resco

To find out more about these topics and the key aspects of successful mobile projects, watch the recording for free.

Find the right mobile solution for your business

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