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2014 is the year of big technology changes for Resco Mobile CRM. In addition to more than 50 improvements and new features, we introduced a brand new mobile user interface. Although it’s currently available for iOS and Windows desktop platforms only, we already received a huge, positive response. The Android and Windows RT versions will be released in a few weeks, so everybody who likes the new UI will be ready to switch soon. Resco Mobile CRM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM remains our main priority, but there’s one more interesting thing, which is going to be released this year.

Some of you are already familiar with Resco Advantage, which was released about two years ago. The main idea of this product was to provide a replication server, allowing an integration of Resco Mobile CRM app with 3rd party server systems. During last two years, we improved this product quite significantly and now it incorporates most common CRM functionalities. But there is still one important thing missing for this product to serve as a real CRM system. The thing is a good browser-based client.
Now, we are performing final tests of the brand new HTML5 client, which has the same UI as the native Mobile CRM app. It can be perfectly controlled by a mouse on desktop environment or by a finger on tablets and phones. It works in all popular browsers, such as IE, Opera, Chrome, etc. It can be customized the same way as the native mobile app. And it is really fast.
You can expect the brand new Resco CRM (a successor of Resco Advantage) very soon.
Resco CRM - Screenshot

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