Resco CRM, Resco Mobile CRM… are these the same?

No, they’re not.

The similar name might be confusing, but these two are in fact 2 different products.

How are they not the same thing?

Resco Mobile CRM = mobile solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Consists of mobile apps downloadable on stores and Woodford customization tool

  • Is suitable for existing and future Dynamics CRM customers

  • Price of the professional version is per mobile user

Resco CRM = a standalone CRM solution optimized for mobility

  • Consists of mobile apps, a browser client and a cloud-based CRM sever

  • It’s not dependent on any other CRM solution; it functions on its own

  • It’s suitable for small to medium-sized businesses looking for a CRM solution

  • Price is set per Resco CRM user (mobile and desktop users)

How are they, in a way, the same?

Apart from the name, mobile applications for both solutions look and function in a very similar way. Makes sense considering we’ve used our know-how from creating and tweaking Resco Mobile CRM to reproduce the same experience in our Resco CRM solution.

The UI and essence of both clients will continue to be very much alike, although as time goes by, they will differ more and more. That’s because both solutions will continue to develop on their own, based on requirements from respective customers.

Do these products compete against one another?

Nope. They target completely different audiences.

Many companies do and will require the functionality Dynamics CRM offers. Whereas a handful need full-gown mobility, but not necessarily a lot of advanced CRM functionality in the background.

Is there a partner-hosted option?

We encourage our partners to create their own verticals based on Resco CRM. The on premise version of the server will be available soon. Until then, you could explore the cloud-based version that’s available now.

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