Resco CRM and Resco Mobile CRM are not the same

After looking at the picture above…
Do you feel like you have been missing out on something?

“At Resco, we do offer 2 different mobile CRM solutions = 2 different products.

Where the Mobile App (that is the best part of both products) remains the same.”

Still confused?
Stay focused, it’s actually quite simple.
Resco Mobile CRM is a mobile solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  •    Consists of mobile apps downloadable on stores and Woodford customization tool
  •    Is suitable for existing and future Dynamics CRM customers
  •    Price of the professional version is per mobile user

Resco CRM is a standalone CRM solution optimized for mobility. It has its own mobile app that comes with the same functionality
as the native app of Resco Mobile CRM. You can download the app on any store: App store for iPhone/iPad, Google Play for Android tablets and phones, and Windows Store.
What is Resco CRM
At least, that’s how we used to label it before. But then…

“Different companies have different expectations.“

Some are already using Microsoft Dynamics CRM (and we can proudly say that hundreds of them are our customers or partners that are using our mobile solution).
Some have already implemented other back-end systems, such as Oracle Siebel CRM, Oracle CRM on demand, SAP or Dynamics NAV – they are great, but sincerely their mobile CRM clients – not so much.
Some don’t manage their data with any CRM software yet, but they know, they realize, they should start (today).
But most of them have one thing in common – they wouldn’t let go of mobility.
So, let me clarify the previous… Resco CRM is a solution optimized for mobility with perks for every user.

3 Use case scenarios – What’s the right choice for my business?

This is how Resco CRM can be used, deployed and sold/purchased:
1.    Resco CRM + different back-end system such as Oracle Siebel, SAP, Dynamics  NAV

  •    The most common scenario of how to use Resco CRM
  •    Perfect for those, who are already using a CRM system (Siebel, SAP or NAV) and are looking for a fully functional mobile solution

We are here to offer an extensive support with connecting Resco CRM to your back-end system.
2.   Addition to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  •    If you already have few licenses for Dynamics CRM

Let’s imagine that a couple of people on your team need to do difficult and complex data analysis. Most likely, they need a robust CRM system such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • f.i. managers, marketing specialists, etc.

Then, there is a majority of users that need to collect data on the go – therefore, mobility is a dominant factor they are looking for in a CRM solution.

  • f.i. field workers, salesmen, servicemen

In this case, the best choice for your company is to give Microsoft Dynamics CRM to those users, who need extra functionality, such as BI or marketing analytics and give more affordable Resco CRM licenses to those, who need a mobile capable solution for tracking of sales opportunities or service cases.
3.    Standalone Resco CRM
Resco CRM works great as an internal all-in-one CRM software that is self-sufficient.

  • If you are looking for a partnership and would like to sell CRM system to your clients and save

          a big room for the services in your budget (considering the price of Resco CRM compared
          to  other solutions such as Dynamics CRM or Siebel)

  • If you want to quickly start and learn to work with CRM – right after you create an organization

          and import your data
Standalone Resco CRM can be made into CRM of your own. It is a fully-functional, customizable and offline-capable mobile solution.
We want you to find the best way Resco CRM can help you with your business.
Contact us at and learn everything you need to start working with Resco CRM.
You can also start a free trial straight away here.

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