Resco CRM: Where are we now & where are we heading?

If you are reading this, you are probably familiar with our mobile application for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and its customizing tool Woodford.
Click here to learn the difference between Resco Mobile CRM and Resco CRM.

What is Resco CRM?

In short, Resco CRM is a lightweight CRM solution. It consists of Resco CRM server (the data storage), good looking mobile and desktop clients and a management console to configure it all.
With Resco CRM, you can:

  • create custom entities & fields
  • create new users and set roles for them
  • create different projects for specific roles (after all your salesmen have different needs then your service staff)
  • customize your projects
  • design UI – look of the lists and forms

On top of that:

  • you can import and manage your data from one place

The best you can do is to try it on your own—just visit and register your very first Resco CRM organization. You will soon find out that Resco CRM already possesses a lot of functions and features from Resco Mobile CRM that you are familiar with.
RescoCRMdashboardTo connect with Resco CRM, download Resco Mobile CRM application from your app store. It is the same application you use to connect with Microsoft Dynamics CRM server. It has the same features—you can view the records, see contacts on the map, organize appointments in the calendar and utilize the dashboard for quick access to most important data.

What’s new in Resco CRM?

The latest and biggest addition to Resco CRM is its web browser client written in JavaScript—we have implemented almost 90% of all the features and functions of our native app into this client. And we are getting closer to our goal: having the two applications pretty much the same.
Right now, you can also re-name the name of entities and fields. In future versions, you will be able to localize the whole application. Or use client-based form rules, sequences of steps that are executed on form related events OnLoad, OnSave and OnChange, are also already available. More on form rules here.

Future plans for Resco CRM

Resco CRM is a new product and we are constantly working on it; improving it to make it more useful.
Resco CRM will soon have:

  • Reporting module
    You will be able to define a report on the server and later run and see it on your device (for example print invoice of your customer’s order).
    Maybe it is better to analyze more complex reports on your desktop computer. You will be able to do that too. Define more complex report and run it directly on the Resco CRM server via the browser client.
  • Improved data import
    Filling the server with data is another big issue and we are improving the process of importing the data. Getting your contacts from Gmail or exchange server will be a matter of seconds.
  • Business logic
    Other great feature will be the server rules. E.g. a new lead was created? Automatically send email to your salesman.

Things are going quick with Resco CRM server and there is much to talk about. We are preparing webinars, where we will go deeper into technical details and present you how easy is to work with Resco CRM. Stay tuned via our newsletter or twitter.
Great opportunity to learn more about Resco CRM is to visit Resco conference that will be held both in Europe and USA. For more info, get in touch with our event manager Anna at