Get to know Resco Cloud for Field Service

What do Resco Mobile CRM and Resco CRM have in common? Well, more than you’d think. In fact, together they mold into a single solution, called Resco Cloud.

Resco Cloud with 700+ features

=> Desktop CRM + Mobile App

The idea behind Resco Cloud is to intensify the consumer experience through sophisticated cloud technology with an emphasis on mobility. 
Launching Resco Cloud, means introducing feature-rich and personalized CRM solutions for sales reps, service technicians and other workers. And as our cloud technology is receiving more and more excitement from our customers and partners, and recognition from the outside world, we can already say it paid off.

From the office to the field, Resco Cloud connects field services everywhere

We did a little intro lesson about Resco Cloud earlier this year. In case, you missed it, have a look at this blog post and watch the webinar recording. We have hundreds of corporate customers that have been struggling with providing proper field service. Whether talking about companies that focus on inspections, break and fix scenarios or repairs.
Today, we will learn, why they no longer face those issues. We will have a closer look at field engineers and service technicians who often perform tasks and operations right at the customer’s site, and hence require constant access to their CRM data.
Resco Cloud boosts service processes in the field for top companies like Blueknight EP

„Pairing of trucks with trailers, updating the vehicle’s maintenance history, assigning drivers, and accepting transfers is all done via Resco Mobile CRM on iPads. It used to take our supervisor about an hour and a half to complete it on a computer. Now they just take their finger do a few swipes, hit save and they’re done in 10 seconds.”
Jason Benskin, Blueknight Energy Partners.

If you are too looking for an easy solution to get started immediately, Resco Cloud has everything you need. With that being said, you can be sure that you have the most secure cloud solution that is not just secure in online mode, but even in offline mode. One of the most sought-after capabilities can become a loophole, if not secured properly. And Resco Cloud offer more than just one line of security, see what we mean, here.

Why do best-in-class organizations aim for Resco Cloud for Field Service?

Resco Cloud is not just about technology but also involved the processes behind it that make your sectors work. It helps to enhance all field service processes, through mobility and on your desktop. There are various components in Field Service that need to be in synergy – Customer submissions, incident creations, word orders, quotes, dispatching, invoicing, and more. It lets you have a flawless desktop experience with unlimited offline mobility, all-in-one. The technology, processes, and products are the best-in-class combination.
Check out the Resco Cloud Quick Guide for Field Service scenarios and see how your organization can possibly benefit from it. Explore how to enable your field service teams to work their fullest potential, whether at the office or while visiting a customer, by gaining the maximum results.
What are the topics covered in the guide?

  • Resco Cloud desktop utilities
  • mobile features
  • field service scenarios (inspections, maintenance, and repair)
  • how to use the solution on a daily basis
  • and much more

Thinking of deploying Resco Cloud for your field service team? Standalone Resco Cloud is a perfect fit for your field reps, field service managers, and back-office workers. If you are looking for a more detailed and private demonstration of the entire solution, don’t be afraid to reach out to us at