Resco Celebrates 17 Years in Mobility

We’ve always had a thing for mobility. 17 years ago, Resco had a vision to become one of the leading providers of business software solutions.
When we founded the REmote Solutions COmpany (today known as Resco) in 1999, we saw a huge potential in the realm of mobile technology. At that time, mobile phones weren’t smartphones and CRM was not so advanced & CX-centered as you know it, today. However, that didn’t stop us – in fact, we felt ‘obligated’ to explore such unknown waters.
Being one of the mobile technology pioneers and now equipped with tremendous experience in mobile app development for consumers and corporate customers, we can now say, we’ve come a long way.
17 years of experimenting, developing, and creating. From virtual keyboards, consumer apps of all kinds (games and personal assistants), to a suite of components for mobile app development, called the Mobile Forms Toolkit. The market-favorite products we’ve been offering, made us believe, mobility was a path we wanted to take.
Resco Mobile CRM – a cross-platform mobile CRM solution with advanced customization capabilities, is currently our flagship product. It came to life in 2009 as a mobile client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and is now one of the top-of-its-class solution across the entire CRM industry.
Last year (2015), was a year of great success for Resco and our Mobile CRM product. Expanding to new markets enabled companies that utilize various CRM and ERP back end systems to leverage market-proven solutions. Serving as a mobile edge for Oracle CX, Salesforce and even as a standalone CRM solution, it opened new doors for Resco and its growing community.
2016 started off with a bang, countless successes, and leaps forward. First, we astonished the market with the unexpected ‘takeover’ of CWR’s mobile CRM line of business. Secondly, Resco stepped into the WPC spotlight, after being recognized as Microsoft’s Partner of the Year Finalist in Application development.
On the top of everything, our community keeps expanding and has now climbed up to 1500+ corporate customers, 500+ partners, 100+ countries and 65,000+ licensed users.
Working together allows us to bring advanced mobile solutions to customers in every corner of the world. We believe in “the bigger, the better”, and that’s why we are delighted not only from the growing ecosystem, but a bigger spacious new office, and a greater team of specialists. Bigger is also the number of CRM-related events we attend every year. From Microsoft Envision to Oracle Openworld, and Dreamforce.
And yet, we organized the first editions of our mobile CRM conference called in Vienna, Austria, and Boston, MA with about 120 attendees from 13 countries. And we received feedback of its great success with a fantastic reception of our app and its always-new enhancements.
Resco Mobile CRM is now rather robust, while Resco stands strong and sophisticated.
What is there to come? Check out Resco Roadmap that discovers the beauty of ‘offline for all’ capabilities.
And we’d like to thank you! Without you being a part of this, none of this would be possible!
Still wondering how on Earth have we’ve grown this fast? Check out the infographic to see how we keep growing year-by-year!
Stay tuned! We have a short film in store that will tell you all you need to know about Resco and its 17 years in mobility and how it all started.
Meet us at conference in Munich or Philly to celebrate all together in person!

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