Resco Academy – learn, practice, deploy and succeed

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Before the spring arrives, Resco has decided to warm you up with a new source of knowledge and experience. Along with new webinar series, Resco Wiki, and Resco Sales Playbook, we are launching Resco Academy – our new online training platform.
Whether you are a Business Consultant, Developer or System Administrator you can find your own gold nuggets of information by enrolling in:

  • General and Business courses – Get started on the right foot
    Explore what sets Resco apart from competitors, including features and benefits of the Resco portfolio. Get step-by-step instructions on how to download and set-up Resco – even for smartwatches or HoloLens. Here, you can also find a brief introduction to partner collaboration as well.​
  • Technical courses – Understand the tech behind the Resco platform
    Let us introduce you to Resco’s architecture, get familiar with our customization and management tool Woodford, or embrace the essentials of our flagship product Resco Inspections​ in the dedicated courses.

Do you prefer a more practical approach? We’ve got you covered! After introduction to the theory, you can jump on the hands-on exercises and explore Resco technology at your own pace.
All courses are designed to provide comprehensive overview of the Resco platform in a bite-sized format.  Is it your Day 1 with Resco? We encourage you to start with the courses that belong to the Essentials Certificate where no prior technical experience is required.

Show the whole world your enterprise mobility expertise

Talking about the certificate – today we’re introducing the first level of our certification scheme – Resco Essentials. The certificate is valid for one year and will be issued to individuals after completing all required courses and passing the certification test.
If the fee question popped up in your mind, don’t worry – Resco Academy and the certification is entirely free of charge.
Still not fully convinced about our Academy benefits? Here are a few more reasons why register now:
Benefits for individuals:

  • Learn at your own pace with 24/7 access without any geographical or time restrictions
  • Learning based on your actual needs – pick the courses that fill your knowledge gap
  • Speed up your onboarding process
  • Get to know the all the basics by completing all courses in the Resco Essentials certificate
  • Prove your Resco know-how by getting Resco certified

Benefits for companies:

  • Standardize the knowledge level of your employees and consistency in the content delivery
  • Eliminate employees’ knowledge and skill gap
  • Support efficient implementation of Resco technology
  • Reduce training costs
  • Demonstrate your proficiency by building your own team of Resco certified professionals

What’s on the horizon?

New courses loaded with information for advanced audiences. To give you a sneak peek – we are working on courses focusing on JavaScript Bridge, mobile reports, business logic, branding & custom UX/UI, and many more…
Our aim is to deliver an effective learning experience for you. Any suggestions or ideas are more than welcome on the dedicated e-mail address academy@resco.net.
Accelerate your path to success and sign up for Resco Academy today. The world of enterprise mobility is waiting for you!