Resco Academy’s Advanced certification – only properly executed ideas will become something of value


Meet Paul. He’s working on a proof of concept for a new project with his team. The stakes are high. The customer expects a solution that would fit his work processes like a glove. The analysis takes a while. They need to find a solution that is capable of fulfilling all their requirements.
Meanwhile, the deadline is looming ever closer. Paul and his team are running out of time. What are they going to do?

We’ve realized that some of our partners find themselves in this situation quite often. And we also noticed that usually, Resco has the right answers to their challenges. All in one package. “We can do this with Resco? I didn’t know that!” partners say to us in awe.
We designed our Learning Path for advanced learners with this in mind. To help bring your ideas to life and execute them using the full potential of Resco technology.
Or, to put it another way, we want to make sure that your project won’t end up like this:

But jokes aside, how can you actually do that using Resco? With the following skillset:

Business Logic

During our feedback calls with partners, we learned that business logic is a highly demanded topic. What are rules and automation good for? With Resco’s rules engine, you can guide your app users through the entire work process, eliminate human error, and most importantly – save time. How?
Here are a few examples:

  • Validate email addresses
  • Delete or edit fields under certain conditions
  • Calculate activity duration
  • Populate fields on a child entity based on the parent entity
  • Modify the ordered products to add discounts

All this by applying rules that can be placed on multiple user interface components (e.g. form, view, route plan, map calendar, etc.)

Business Logic course in Resco Academy.

Report Designer

Mobile Reports is an out-of-the-box feature that allows you to create documents on the go, using data from your database. And there are no limits on how you can use these documents. It can serve as an order, invoice, report from a meeting or inspection, or a guide for various activities.
Mobile users can fill out all the necessary data on the go, online or offline, and send it where needed – back to the office, to the customer, to the supplier, or to different authorities for approval.
In the Report Designer course, we will show you how to:

  • Adjust the header and footer
  • Add repeating blocks for recurring items, such as invoiced products
  • Add any field from your entities to the final document
  • Incorporate images and add signatures

Synchronization and Synchronization Dashboard

Switch from online to offline mode without any conflicts and synchronization errors. Allowing big sets of data to travel seamlessly is one of the superpowers of Resco technology.
You can start with the default settings, or you can customize the synchronization to your individual use case. Speed up your app even more and eliminate unnecessary data exchange.
In the Sync & Sync Dashboard course, we will teach you:

  • What data is synchronized
  • What types of synchronization we support
  • How to configure synchronization
  • What are some of the best practices when designing app projects with respect to synchronization
  • What are the essential statistics that you can monitor
  • And much more to make synchronization a smoother experience in your projects

And we don’t stop here. This course is aligned with the final course in our advanced Learning Path.

Logs and Troubleshooting

There’s no time for delay in today’s world. This is especially true for first level support. How to solve your customer pain-points before they become a real issue? In the Logs & Troubleshooting course, you will learn how to:

  • Distinguish between different types of logs
  • How to read and understand exceptions
  • How to solve synchronization problems, including performance tuning
  • How to deliver logs to the support staff when you need a hand

And at the end of the course, we’ll introduce you to real-life examples and share pro-tips from our Support department based on their experience.
What do all the courses above have in common? Efficiency and speed injected into your solution. Our goal with the Advanced certification is to make sure that when you implement a new project, you can tune it to perfection.

Your feedback matters

We are looking forward to your feedback in each course’s feedback section or via e-mail to academy@resco.net. Your observations and suggestions inspire us to enrich the courses with even more practical tips and hints.
We’re looking forward to seeing you at Resco Academy.