Multiple logins in one app – The most requested feature from 2019 now available in all Resco apps

At 2019 we offered attendees a unique opportunity to request features and functionality. In the official event app, all visitors could submit suggestions and also vote for any of the submissions.
What was the most requested capability by the conference attendees in Rome?
Turns out, the possibility to quickly switch between multiple user logins in Resco apps was the most upvoted feature request of all.
What would it be good for?
Simply put, it could save a lot of time and effort. Especially for partners and system admins who are responsible for customizing the app for the customer and who work across multiple logins on a daily basis.
Imagine you have your admin login for your Resco mobile project that connects to a testing CRM server. There, you can be playing with new features to decide how to get the most out of them for your use case. But then you get an inquiry from one of the users utilizing a different login that connects to a live production version of the CRM server. And to make sure your response is accurate, first, you want to change to the production version in your app to take a closer look.
With the possibility to quickly move between logins, you wouldn’t need to fill out URLs, User names, and Passwords, and then synchronize the app again. Instead, you could save various logins in your app and effortlessly switch between them whenever needed.
And that’s exactly what AppFolder enables.
AppFolder: Switch between mobile projects with a single tap
In Resco apps, all metadata and data of a mobile project are saved to a local folder on your device.
You can use the AppFolder parameter in the app’s Settings to specify this folder. This allows you to save an unlimited number of logins, each in a different folder. Then you can easily select from these folders, using the AppFolder setting, to immediately load a specific login with a single tap. No need to type in all the credentials over and over again.
And the best part? It is already available for all Resco apps (Resco Mobile CRM, Resco Inspections, Resco Routes) across iOS, Android, and Windows.
All technical details on how to utilize AppFolder can be found here.
And in case you have any additional questions, feel free to ask us anytime in the comments below or at