Ready for what’s to come? MS Dynamics CRM Spring Wave 2016 update

From enlisting information about the latest update to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 to their Microsoft Social Engagement 2016 update, it’s no wonder MS Dynamics CRM is heading up in the ranks of the most role-based, contextual solution providing superior business user productivity.Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been long focused on providing outstanding customer service — delivering the most when it comes to customer engagement, proactive experiences, healthy business relationships, and customer service organization.
With their latest released focused more on the integration of Microsoft’s two recent acquisitions (FieldOne and Adxstudio), it’s great to see how FieldOne has progressed having their technology built utilizing Resco Mobile CRM, enabling ease and simplicity to their consumers. Their latest introduction of project services enables users to provide dynamic service capabilities, enriching the overall experience in the field and also as a self-service. Since this latest release by Microsoft is more devoted to Transformative Service, Community Engagement, and Intelligence, Resco is happy to play its part in community engagements and a standing pillar within FieldOne.

So what does the MS Dynamics CRM Spring Wave entail?

Ultimately speaking…writing, MS Dynamics CRM Spring Wave’s goal was to maximize effectiveness and customer satisfaction. You spoke, and they listened. Better Field Service options with a consistent UI look and feel excelled Project Services with a single system for customer engagements on skill-based assignments for project sales, delivery, and billing. Employee Self-Service is also a new Transformative Service enabling worldwide streamlined common tasks available to employees.
Community Engagements is also a bit more advanced in terms of a web portal, self-service profile management engagements. With the Adxstudio acquisition, Microsoft will now have web portal functionality integrated within MS Dynamics CRM Online as an add-on. More rich content, permission controls, configurable extensions, a responsive design, and of course, secured access. They’ll be shipping a few pre-configured portal solutions, all the while creating an option for creating a custom portal to meet unique business needs.
With Intelligence, Microsoft decided to ramp-up their guided navigation capabilities to facilitate better user adoption of the application which should ultimately provide better user productivity. Additional enhancements are their enrichments to the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing and Social Engagements. Introducing social media outlets such as Instagram and board/forums which enable the working environment to be more laid back. Azure Event Hubs, enhanced email marketing, SDKs, and lead management processes are just the few that could enhance your Sales departments and Services. Now you can #hashtag to your #heartsdesire.
As for Mobility, well, Resco prides itself on its dedication to hearing out our customers for so many years, that we like to believe we’re providing top solutions when it comes to ease, simplicity (the most important feature to all consumers out there when it comes to CRM), and of course, new features. Where some may lack, we excel. See for yourself and sign up for the Spring Release Webinar on Resco Mobile CRM’s latest feature base and you’ll see how it speaks volumes for itself.