Quick Tip: Mutate your language

tables with altered category names

Did you know? Names that do not fit on a small display of a phone can be altered instead of just being cut in the midd..

How did it come to this?

You know those lengthy display names of fields? Like this one “Final Proposal Ready” or this one “Do not allow Bulk E-mails” or “Total Line Item Discount Amount”… (there are loads and loads of them).
Well, if you would put them into your mobile CRM app, they’d be cut short.
Not only would it look strange, it could also mean that sometimes you won’t be sure which field is which. And what to do with it (how to fill it in).
Here’s what I mean:
When I open an account, I see a field that looks something (well, exactly) like this:
Before changing the field name
Preferred Method” of what? (Doesn’t help much now does it?)
And that’s when our localization feature comes in handy.
Yes, you can add a new language into the app with this feature, but you can also mutate an existing one – this means you can change the display name of fields, commands and other elements present in the app.

How to fix it?

After altering the name of the fieldI go into Woodford and change the name of the field “Preferred Method of Contact” into “Contact via
Now, we’re talking!
And that is it. I can see what the field says and how to use this info.
One little change = one no-longer-confused user (in your case probably more users)

Instructions for system admins on how to alter the names of fields (and of other stuff in the app)

1. Open the localization section in Woodford.

There are multiple localization sections in Woodford: a global one that can be found in the main navigation menu (changes done in here will apply to all mobile projects) and there’s also localization section within each mobile project (use this one, if you only want to make the alternation for a specific set of users)

localization_locate_field2. Locate the field you want to change the name of (or command, or alert, or other)
The search works for field ID, not display name.
localization_change_field3. Change the name – the name will then change style to bold.
4. Save the change and publish the mobile project
If you have done the change on a global level, open and publish your mobile project as well in order for the change to apply.
5. SIt back and watch the money roll in.
Ooops, nope, sorry, ignore the last step.
Resco Question
What languages does Resco Mobile CRM speak?

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