Quick tip: How to send a log from the Resco Mobile CRM app and Woodford

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To fast-track solving any unexpected issue, relevant information is essential. For our support team, it usually comes from a log file that you can send from both the Resco Mobile CRM app and the Woodford configurator.
But why send a log? Isn’t the error message enough? Well, log contains much more information than an error message. It provides the processing details of the operations that occurred and contains the output from the application’s code – so we can check in which part of the code the problem occurred. If you attach also a short description of the problem – when and how it happened – you’re in the fast lane to a solution.

How to send a log from the Resco Mobile CRM app?

1. To send a log from Resco Mobile CRM application, please go to the app’s About section – typically available on the Home screen.
2. In the About section, simply hit the top right button, sometimes identified as the scroll icon and send the e-mail.
This process is identical for iOS, Android, and Windows versions of the application.
Tip: If you can’t find the About section in your app, please contact your CRM administrator (or the person responsible for Resco Mobile CRM in your company), to guide you to the About section, or to place the About section to a visible place in the Resco Mobile CRM application customization.
First level support for Resco admins PDF

How to send a log from Woodford?

1. To send a log from the Resco Woodford tool, go to the Woodford’s Logs section.
2. In the Logs section can use the Send or Send All button. Send sends only the selected log, while Send All sends all the error logs from the list of logs.
There is no confirmation about sending the log, so if there is no message shown after hitting the Send or Send All button, logs were sent correctly.