Quick Tip: How to keep track of record changes made by external users

We’ve covered the basics of Consumer Apps based on Resco’s Mobile CRM app (useful not only for customers, but for smoother interactions with partners, volunteers, suppliers, fans and other allies as well) in an earlier post.
But how can you keep track of new records and modifications made by external users and ensure these users will access only the information related specifically to them? E.g. how do you identify which external user created a particular case or order and make the app display to users only their specific cases/orders?
There is a possibility to create a custom field, a lookup for a Contact (which is typically used as the authentication entity for external users), and assign an external user’s ID to this field in the Woodford configurator tool.
Then you can adjust the sync filter on entities you want the external users to access (it can be any type of entity, default, or custom) and utilize the “Equals current customer“ user condition using this new lookup field, as shown below:
This will make sure that only the user’s records are shown, and you can use it to identify external users that created/modified records via the app, in your system. And you can also create another field, where you can track modifications, similarly.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate and ask us at mobilecrm@resco.net. Considering whether to provide your customers, partners, or any other business allies an app keeping them engaged with your company? Take a look at www.resco.net/mobilecrm/consumer-apps.aspx and deliver a custom mobile app to your target audience in no time.

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