Quick tip: How to create new appointments in the Resco Inspections Scheduler

After you’ve started your Resco Inspections trial, let’s now take a closer look at how you can use the Scheduler to effortlessly set up inspection appointments for your field staff:
1. After logging into your Inspections organization, open the Scheduler – a web-based tool enabling team leaders, managers, and supervisors to assign appointments, plan work, and see the progress of the field staff.
2. On top of the Scheduler’s home screen you can access advanced settings, automatic scheduling and change the calendar view to display appointments for days, weeks or months (1).
Underneath it is the overview of accounts for which inspection appointments can be created (2).
And in the column on the left, you have the available team members to which you can assign the required inspections appointments (3).
3. To set up a new inspection appointment, simply double-click on an account from the overview and drag & drop it into a team member’s row in the calendar.
The appointment will be immediately created and when the inspector synchronizes his Resco Inspections app, he/she will see it in the calendar immediately – complete with the questionnaires that have to be filled out (which questionnaires are assigned to an appointment type can be specified in Woodford).
4. Double-clicking on the appointment in the Scheduler’s calendar, you can then edit the name, status and expected duration of the appointment.
5. And when you click on the “Open Form” button you’ll see all the details, as well as the questionnaires that the inspector in the field needs to fill out. You can also update the appointment type, details and add notes. When finished, make sure you’ve saved your changes to make them immediately visible to the inspector.
6. Finally, when the inspector completes the inspection and changes the appointment’s status it is instantly noticeable, as the appointment’s color-coding changes in the Scheduler.
And that’s it – to quickly create a new appointment for your field staff, that’s all you need to do.
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