Quick overview: Mobile reports in Resco Mobile CRM


Mobile report is a feature in the Resco Mobile CRM application that allows you to create documents on the go, using data from your CRM records.

Report documents are generated directly in the Mobile CRM application, even in offline mode, so there is no need for any connection to the Internet or CRM server.

This enables you to create e.g. an invoice or a service report at the customer and save it to a CRM record as an attachment. Or instantly email it to your customers and partners. Or use a wireless printer to directly print it.

Documents can be generated in Word (.docx), Excel (.xlsx), PDF, or HTML formats. It is also possible to use one or more records as a source for the report.

To define a mobile report, you can use the mobile report designer in Woodford, or directly edit it as an XML file. The mobile report specification is saved in CRM as a record, and can be used across all mobile projects in your organization.

Mobile reports support all commonly required elements, like a header and footer replicated on all pages of the document, repeaters for recurring items such as invoiced products, and of course, adding any field from your entities in CRM to the final document.

To customize your reports even further, you can also incorporate images. Static images that are the same for all mobile report documents (e.g. a company logo) can be added. And you can also include dynamic images, for example a signature from a note or a cloud document associated with the CRM record used for report generation.

This allows you to e.g. add an image of a product or service item used at the customer, or include a signature of a customer, sales rep, or technician directly on the generated document.

If you need to make a report dynamic, it is also possible to add business logic – allowing you to perform additional calculations, make certain items visible or invisible under specific conditions, and more.

And since mobile reports are fully integrated in the Resco Mobile CRM app, utilizing JavaScript you can not only streamline the process of generating the mobile report, but also set up the whole mobile report specification on the go.

You can find out how to set up mobile reports in one of our earlier blogs here.

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