Preview: Questionnaire localization, redesigned Manager Experience & legally-binding offline e-signatures coming to Resco Autumn Update


Resco’s Autumn Update 2020 will arrive at the end of September. And today, you can already check out several exciting additions planned for the new release!

One template, several languages

Is your company operating across different countries? Or even across different continents? Are you managing a multilingual workforce? If that’s the case, perhaps you’ve been already pondering how to overcome the language barrier that arises in an international environment. What if your employees could easily switch to their native language, or to a language they are fully proficient in when working with questionnaires? With Resco Inspections’ upcoming Localization feature, they can.
Starting with the Autumn Update, each questionnaire template can be translated into various languages in the Designer. This information will be saved in the Localization table. System admins can then select the preferred language or let the workers choose themselves in their app’s settings.

New configuration options to fit the needs of managers

We’ve been also working tirelessly on making sure that managers get the best possible experience when using Inspections on Resco Cloud – offering detailed and consistent overview of tasks, progress, and results of their field teams.
However, every manager has different needs and priorities. That’s why the new Manager Experience will offer the freedom to fully customize menus and views to fit individual needs. Maybe you don’t require the Calendar in the Overview section. Or your managers don’t access the Questionnaire Designer. The Manager Experience is based on the Resco web app, you can easily configure it in Woodford, just like any other Resco app.

Resco Houston even more accessible

Have you tried the Houston AR video calls for seamless information sharing between team members, unveiled this summer? With the Autumn release, connecting with a colleague or back-office expert becomes easier yet again.
Most of the time, these experts providing guidance are sitting behind their desktops. And now, they will be able to connect to Houston AR video calls not just from an iPad or iPhone, but also from PCs and laptops. This will further simplify the instruction delivery to field workers and make AR guidance even more accessible.
Additionally, each call will create a record in the call log history, including a Notes section. Experts can then add detailed notes on what the issue was about, explaining the problem – which will ultimately enable managers to see what the most problematic tasks are and focus on them during trainings.

Legally-binding signature available offline with DocuSign

Get remote work completed faster. From sales invoices and quotes to service reports and work orders, the integration of DocuSign’s eSignature will enable you to add legally-binding signatures to any of your Resco forms. Accelerate agreements, eliminate manual data input, and save an average of $36 per agreement by reducing hard costs and improving employee productivity.* Coming first to Android versions of all Resco apps, fully functional even offline.

Redesigned Home screen editor

Furthermore, we’re also preparing a new editor for even more streamlined visual customization of every app’s starting point – your Home screen.

Want to experience the Resco Autumn Update early?

We’re developing these and many other great upgrades for our Autumn Update 2020 – and we’d like you to see them first.
Join our exclusive beta-testing community and you’ll always get the first look at each new Resco release before it’s offered to the general public. You’ll be able to try out new features, tell us what works the best for you, and suggest where we can improve.
The first beta of the Autumn Update will arrive in early September. If you sign up for beta testing (or already have signed up in the past) you will receive an email notification immediately after it becomes available.
Please note that the features and images above are development previews and can be subject to change in the final product release.