Phone call tracking in Resco Mobile CRM

Phone call tracking in Resco Mobile CRM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Not only emails can be tracked in Resco’s mobile CRM client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but you can track phone call activities as well. So all those conversations won’t get lost in time, but will be safely stored away in the CRM system until you need to come back to them.

Make & log in your phone call

You can make a call from the Resco Mobile CRM application by either tapping the phone call icon next to a phone number or by swiping left on the record list (and you don’t even have to open the record).
After you complete the call, you’ll see a draft of a phone call activity in your Mobile CRM. The app has already linked the call to the person you were talking to — the record you have initiated the call from. All you need to do now is to type in a short note (if you want to) and hit save.

Here’s how it looks


Track inbound calls (for Android users only)

Phones running on Android also offer the option to track incoming calls — these will appear as a list in the application, so you can pick and choose which are business-related and shall be stored in the CRM system.
You can turn this feature ON/OFF in the setup section of the application.

Why is this feature only available on Android?

If you’re an iPhone user (like me), I hear you – the functionality to track also incoming calls would come in handy. Unfortunately, as much as we’d like to have it available, the limitations of the iOS platform don’t allow us to do so. Hopefully, in the future, this will change.

Call people using Skype or FaceTime

Did you know you can also place calls using Skype or FaceTime? Which is especially helpful when you’re working on a tablet, or want to use video for a face-to-face conversation.
Simply select which phone app you’d like to use in the application’s setup section.
Skype and FaceTime calls from Resco Mobile CRM
And that’s all there is to phone call tracking in Resco Mobile CRM.

Wait, there’s more!

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