Resco partners get a front row seat to experience the future of business mobility


Last year, while attending an IT awards show, I ran into a CEO of an IT hardware distributor who used to work with my dad. After the initial small talk, when he realized I work for Resco, he asked: “Anna, could you recommend a software implementation partner or system integrator to us? We really need to upgrade our old Navision and put a CRM in place as well.”
So, I told him about some of the biggest local players, but he replied: “No, we’ve worked with them and they have many inexperienced people and a lot of turnover, no sense for detailed customization as they use old schemes and limited support. Are there any other?”
This got me thinking. Not about other companies to recommend, but rather that this is something we need to help our partners with, on their journey to succeed with mobility.
So, for partners to win new deals, projects and customers, at resco.next 2019 we’ll introduce new trainings, resources, support, and innovative technologies that’ll take their customers’ experience to the next level!

Reason #5: Extra consultations for partners

This year, we won’t just keep the timeslots for one-on-one discussions with Resco experts during both conference days –  we are adding an entire extra day (23rd October, one day before the main event), dedicated specifically to partners. Whether you’re bringing your prospects or a longer list of questions, we want to make sure there’s enough time for everyone to get free personal support on the spot.
Consult your projects, from technical and business point of view, and get your questions answered!
If you haven’t signed up for the extra day of consultations yet, don’t worry. Just contact your Resco Account Manager and they will book you your meeting.

Reason #4: Learn about enterprise mobility highlights, opportunities and new advancements firsthand

In two full days of intensive learning and experience sharing, you will:

  • Learn to create fully customized mobile solutions with a low-code approach
  • Discover best practices as we go step-by-step through the implementation lifecycle
  • Uncover new business opportunities
  • Explore the latest updates & additions to our enterprise mobility product family

Gain in-depth knowledge, experience the a-ha moments, and boost your skills!
Partner session: We’ve also prepared a special session dedicated to partners, covering the latest partner program updates:

  • Online trainings designed to empower your business with new opportunities for growth
  • New resources for partner success
  • Marketing collaboration opportunities and sales support initiatives
  • What’s coming in terms of partner benefits, as we are upgrading the partnership program

Recommended sessions: Numerous other sessions will also cover specific partner challenges. We’ll discuss what it takes to win a deal, actionable takeaways on preparing a dazzling demo with upgraded UI/UX options, licensing & pricing (we’ll even answer the questions around the new Microsoft ISV Connect Program and its implications), and proven recipes for success with enterprise mobility from long-time partners.
Check out the full agenda here: https://resconext.com/agenda/
Cool technology: And on top of that, the stage will also belong to smart technology! Join us to find out what direction wearables will take in business environment, and how we’ve enhanced business mobility use cases with smart tech.

Reason #3: Meet, connect & influence the product roadmap

Resco.next provides access to subject-matter experts – take the opportunity to meet & connect with like-minded industry professionals, executives, practitioners, and partners in person. Not only you’ll learn their tips & tricks to successful project rollouts and other best practices, but you can also share your feedback and experience with them.
Request features and shape the future: Furthermore, this is THE opportunity to provide our technical team suggestions for future releases! We will be there ready to listen and respond to your suggestions. Here’s how it works if you want to take part in shaping Resco’s product roadmap:

  • Attendees can suggest new features via the resco.next event app
  • Vote for your and other feature requests
  • Attend the session in which our Product Manager will evaluate the suggestions
  • Collaborate on expanding the new ideas

Our goal is to give you all the tools necessary to drive your business forward, making your customers successful and satisfied with their mobile solutions!
Network: Sessions, roundtable discussions, breakfasts, lunches, coffee breaks, after-sessions program. Those are all occasions to exchange insights from which the next great thing for your business might be born.

Reason #2: Innovate & get awarded

Get recognized for your solutions & projects! For the very first time, we’re going to officially honor & award Resco partners and enthusiasts who implement our technology. After all, they play a key role in helping clients around the world transform their business.
Get inspired, learn from the best and take part in Resco Partner Awards 2019! How? Describe your innovative project and contact us at partners@resco.net.
For more details, visit hwww.resco.net/news/resco-launching-submissions-for-its-brand-new-partner-awards-program/.

Reason #1: Exclusive peak into the future

Join Resco CEO, Miro Pomsar, for an inspiring keynote that will peek into the future of our ever-evolving industry and deliver valuable insights and practical business advice.
See how we are bringing innovation to our products (with AI, wearables, voice control, augmented reality), hear from customers at the forefront of technology how their businesses were transformed by Resco-based solutions, and find out where business tech is headed.
Want to know more? Check out our video invitation to the conference and respond to the challenges of digital era prepared – experience innovation and enterprise mobility at resco.next 2019 in Rome, on 24th-25th October.
Register today at the official resco.next website!
See you all at resco.next 2019 Rome!