The face of fieldwork is changing & our partners have a plan

It’s April 2020. Companies do not send their workers to the field the way they used to. According to tsia (Technology Services Industry Association), 88% of companies are restricting or eliminating on-site deployments due to crisis

 “Show must go on” – even with restrictions and in limited conditions

We addressed these restrictions here
“Companies, including Resco customers, had to sacrifice and overcome many challenges within the last few weeks. Technology is helping tremendously all over the world to make workers feel & be safe. Thorough hygiene, workers’ isolation, travel limitations. This is all now in the picture. 
Today, when working remotely, technologies become our number one friend. And it’s the technologies that aim to help us not just ‘survive’ the crisis but keep going & prosper. COVID-19 challenged our partners to think outside the box and come up with solutions to ease work conditions. With Resco technology.”
 Ivan Stano, Chief Evangelist at Resco 

The path forward with Partner solutions

It’s time we start thinking long-term. All skepticism aside, we see no end to the pandemic in sight at this time. With this in mind, workers know that the sooner their job is done – the less time they spend exposed to the risk of infection. Mistakes and redundant tasks at work is something we can avoid with the right tools at hand. Effectiveness = always knowing where to go, what & when to do thanks to digital tools counts now more than ever. 
Resco partners realize that to make the life of field workers not just safer, but better – we don’t have to go far. The deeper you know Resco technology, with its ins and outs, the faster you can come up with a way to make a living & working in times of the pandemic ‘normal.’ 

Ludia Consulting – Helping Dynamics 365 users do more with Coronavirus Self-Checker

With over 25 years of experience in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem, Ludia Consulting is a partner, we at Resco truly identify with. And so, it appears, we also think-alike! 

“Due to the dynamic nature of field service, technicians, engineers, and other field workers are potentially exposed to the Coronavirus. At Ludia, we created the Coronavirus self-checker to enable all field personnel to have pertinent information and actionable steps to ensure their health and safety. We believe that a healthy and informed workforce is the true strength of any organization.
Coronavirus Self-Checker is based on the example of the self-checker presented by the CDC (Center for Disease Control). It caught us in a nice surprise to hear that Resco has created a similar Health Check template. Now, we are enhancing its look, and we are about to distribute the ready-made checklist to our field service customers.” 

Lucas Diaz, Managing Partner at Ludia Consulting

Think about it. The technology, the innovations. It already exists. We might all use it daily – be it questionnaires, location tracking, or anything else. Now we just need to be creative more than ever. 
Do you have an idea how to turn your Resco based app into something helping workforces adapt in times of pandemic?
Or have you or anyone you know already started leveraging Inspections, Routes, Sales, Field Service, even your NGO app to help companies outsmart COVID-19?

Please, share with me at & let’s join forces!

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