Partners at resco.NEXT 2022: Who were the stars of the show?


Our partners are a big reason why we organize resco.NEXT, and a big reason why it keeps on being a success.

And the same applies to this year’s edition of the conference that took place in Lisbon, Portugal.

We came together to learn, network and have fun. And some of the partners even played a more active role as speakers, in panel discussions, or delivering their presentations.

We also had Resco MVPs joining the event and we’ve announced winners and finalists in the 2022 Resco Partner Awards.

So, let’s look at Resco partners and MVPs that were the stars of this year’s conference.


resco.NEXT 2022 had 26 external speakers that delivered tons of value.

14 of these speakers came from our partner network.

The topics they covered ranged from the challenges of digital transformation, unique use of Resco in the aquaculture industry, implementing Resco Inspections in the construction aggregate industry, and much more.

The community had the opportunity to attend sessions and panel discussions from these experts:

We appreciate all of them for sharing their expertise with the community. That is also one of the things we look at when evaluating candidates for the Resco MVP title. And speaking of MVPs…

Resco MVPs

Some of the speakers listed above are existing Resco MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals).

They got this prestigious title by sharing their technology, business, and industry knowledge with the Resco community and being leaders inside their organization.

The Resco team and conference participants had the privilege to speak with and follow presentations from four current Resco MVPs:

Our MVPs are recognized as experts in the community which helps them with career building and increases business opportunities for the organization they represent. On top of that, they enjoy a range of direct benefits, such as:

  • promotion on our marketing channels
  • free entry to resco.NEXT
  • priority access to market development funds and co-marketing possibilities

We appreciate Torsten, Steffen, Nicole and Jeremy for taking the time out of their busy schedule to attend the conference and share their expertise with the attendees.

Award winners and finalists

This is my favorite part of the conference.

We wrapped it up by celebrating our top partners in three award categories.

🏆Partner of the Year: ORBIS

Finalists: Delegate, FIELDBOSS, Key2Act

🏆Business Impact of the Year: Mazik Global

Finalists: Nabling, NORRIQ Belgium, TSO Data

🏆Breakthrough Partner of the Year: Hitachi Solutions

Finalists: Fusion5, Gorelate, Necessidad Consulting

These partners have demonstrated strong business practices, innovation, and commitment to the success of their customers over the past year.

All three winners received 4,000 EUR in market development funds and multiple free passes to resco.NEXT 2023.

We’re sure the success they achieved in Resco Partner Awards will help them to get more leads, start conversations with customers, and close more deals.

In the upcoming months, you can look forward to multiple success stories from the projects they implemented in the previous year.


To conclude, we appreciate all partners for attending, sharing their knowledge and connecting with us and with each other.

We are hoping to see all of you again at resco.NEXT 2023!

The location is not decided yet, so we’d love to hear where you’d like us to organize it.

Let us know at partners@resco.net or drop me a message on LinkedIn.

Obrigado! 🇵🇹