Get your product to the customer faster – with mobile CRM

There’s something extremely satisfying about ordering a product online—you get an email notification instantly after you complete your order, oftentimes with a number, so you can track your package on the way to your doorstep.
But what is it that makes this process so enjoyable? Is it the speed of feedback you get? Or the level of oversight? Or both?
Hard to tell, but companies should tackle both speed and oversight in their standard ordering process.
Let’s examine how you can speed up the ordering process with the help of a mobile CRM application.

Ordering process Ordering Process with and without Mobile CRMwith and without Mobile CRM


A typical order process usually looks something like this:

  1. A sales rep closes a sale with the customer. Soon (or later) after, the sales rep sends the order to the customer to get it signed.
  2. The customer sends the order back. Good case scenario: the order is signed and ready for further processing. A not-so-good scenario: the order needs some alternation. This can vary case to case, but usually the customer info is not accurate, the quantity of products is incorrect, or some additional details need to be added. So the order goes back and forth again.
  3. The sales rep puts the order into CRM. This could take anywhere between a few hours to a few days (if the sales rep waits for the end of the week to complete his administrative tasks).
  4. The order appears in CRM and is ready to be processed.
  5. Company ships the order or places it with a vendor.
  6. The product finds its way to the customer.


Now, the same ordering process with Mobile CRM:

  1. A sales rep closes a sale with the customer and right on the spot creates an order via Mobile CRM.
  2. The customer verifies the information in the order and signs it at the very moment.
  3. The sales rep sends the order via a click of a button into CRM.
  4. The order appears instantly in CRM and is ready to be processed.
  5. Company ships the order or places it with a vendor.
  6. The product finds its way to the customer.

Note: The ordering process has been simplified for the purpose of this article. There are, of course, scenarios, in which the company has to create the product according to customer’s specifications, or the customer needs to get the order approved by a third party.

What are the benefits or creating orders via Mobile CRM?

  • Accuracy – the customer can verify the information, quantities and other parts of the order during the sales meeting
  • Faster order processing – with just a click of a button, the order finds its way to the CRM system and the department responsible for the order processing can start working on it right away.
  • Again accuracy – by eliminating manual data input into CRM, you are also eliminating human mistakes
  • Shorter time-to-customer – with an instant gathering of orders from field workers, we can shorten the lifecycles of orders and get the product to customer faster than ever.
  • Productivity increase – sales reps no longer need to email back and forth with the client to approve orders and subsequently do the manual entry into CRM
  • Gain a competitive advantage – by shortening the order-to-customer times, you’re also boosting your position on the market
  • Improved cash flow – A product that arrives sooner at the customer’s site can also be billed and paid for sooner


Ready to get the product faster to the customer?

Get Resco Mobile CRM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM now and see how much your order-to-customer time and accuracy improves.

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