Optimizing intrinsically safe devices and digitizing workflows in hazardous environments

a technician holidng zebra device with resco Field Service software

This article has been written by Resco partner BARTEC.

BARTEC understands the risks in hazardous workplaces such as oil and gas and manufacturing. That is why the company customizes Zebra Technologies devices to make them non-incendive or intrinsically safe for these environments.

BARTEC’s products and solutions prevent explosions in industries where hazardous substances such as liquids, gases, and dust could occur, to keep people safe and protect the environment.

To ensure the safety and effectiveness of the devices, BARTEC partner with solutions providers that uphold the same standards in safety and hazard prevention. Resco is one such provider, producing software solutions for the manufacturing, energy and oil and gas industries.

In this article we look at how Resco’s solutions work with BARTEC’s devices to digitize and automate workflows, maximize productivity, generate useful real-time data, and reinforce workplace safety.

Digitize the workflow with Resco Inspections

Resco Inspections is a software solution that works on BARTEC devices and enables full digital control of workflows, onshore, offshore, out in the field or in facilities. The software provides real-time data and digitization capabilities enabling full mobile oversight of operations.

It promotes maximum operational efficiency in the workforce by assigning tasks, digitizing forms and reports, and tracking and monitoring the time spent on a task – all in real time.

While minimizing human error through enhanced data reporting, the software also provides up-to-the-minute alerts on inconsistencies and issues. With the ability to go fully paperless, Resco Inspections can also deliver cost savings on printing, and ensure data and operational information is held securely within the system.

The software is fully customizable so any task can be added as required by businesses across sectors, including full offline functionality for those environments where needed. The software is typically applied to BARTEC devices TC7X – NI series and MC93-NI, but can be used across all BARTEC mobile device types.

Streamlining inspections in the oil and gas industry

The oil and gas sector has traditionally used (and still uses) paper-based systems to carry out inspections. Digitizing this process can offer numerous benefits to the industry when gathering, retaining, and analyzing useful data, achieving greater efficiency when carrying out inspections, and importantly reducing the risk of human error – and Resco Inspections software can do all of this.

By digitizing the process which can be customized specifically for an oil or gas line, inspections can be carried out along the entire network online or offline, enabling a full and complete inspection.

Mobile inspections in oil and gas industry

The software provides real-time data so both managers and technicians can view the data instantly as it is entered. This can dramatically speed up the information flow as intelligence can be shared with those who need to see it and analyzed immediately. And if something is missing or inconsistent, an instant alert will be fired, reducing the risk of incomplete inspections or the need for expensive site re-visits.

Digitizing checks in the manufacturing workflow

The manufacturing industry involves numerous checks and inspections throughout the product lifecycle with health and safety, maintenance, infiltration and diagnostics, and quality control testing. Digitizing these processes with Resco Inspections can save staff time, minimize machine downtime, increase production quality, and optimize as well as standardize processes.

The software provides live reports and dashboards on production, and live alerts about any safety, production or quality issues. Any process can be digitized and it can be rolled out to any team on any Android or iOS device for a truly digital manufacturing workflow.

New Resco Houston augmented reality calls

Furthermore, Resco Houston brings AR video calls that work with Inspections, enabling users to fix any issues with the support of colleagues faster than ever. With the new AR functionality, users can now draw directly into video calls, meaning it’s easier than ever to share instructions and solve problems.

Resco is offering a free customized demo, which you can request online today.

BARTEC devices

BARTEC modify a number of leading workforce devices from Zebra Technologies to become non-incendive or intrinsically safe. BARTEC devices that are certified to operate safely in hazardous or potentially explosive areas include:

  • The MC93ex NI mobile computer, modified piece-by-piece
    by BARTEC for customers working in hazardous
    environments. See the MC9300 is use in this video clip.
  • The TC7X series touch computer – a simple way of
    equipping your field team with a true mobile office in a
    potentially explosive atmosphere.

Learn more about BARTEC here.