Online training and webinars for a stay-at-home Trailblazer


Topic: Workflow Automation for Salesforce & Resco admins & business users


No matter where you are right now, your life has probably been impacted by the current events. Resco feels the impact, too. And just like our technology, our company culture is crystal clear when it comes to safety and security. So, we #stayhome.
In times like these, when we spend more time at home than ever, we need to spend it productively & learn new things. And no, I am not saying, we should stop watching the newest Netflix shows releases or stop with live stream yoga classes. We just can’t forget to exercise our minds as well.
With many educational events being canceled throughout this spring, there are still tons of activities where we can smarten ourselves up.

Online training – Trailhead & Academy

Trailhead we love! And now we introduced Resco Academy to complement your Salesforce skills, as well. Here is our pick of the courses you can take and certifications you can get while sitting on your comfy chair at home. These lessons will help you understand the automation of your work fun way:

Trailhead projects

Quick Start: Process Builder | Admin or Developer | Beginner | 20 mins | 100 points

Trigger a field update when a related record is edited. … No code required.

Set Up Case Escalation and Entitlements | Admin | Beginner | 1 hr 50 mins | 700 points

Create processes to help support teams become more efficient.

Trailhead module

Workflow Rule Migration | Admin | Intermediate | 1 hr 35 mins | 1,600 points

Embrace Process Builder and take your automation to the next level.

Resco Academy Course

Resco Inspections | Business User or Admin | Beginner | 2 hours of theory + 4 hours of practical exercises

Performing onsite inspections, scheduling visits or designing reports will now be a piece of cake.

Resco Academy Certificate

Resco Essentials for Salesforce | Business User or Admin | Beginner

This is for those who want to go all-in! In order to gain 1st level of Resco certification, you need to go through the following courses and successfully pass short tests.

  • Resco Introduction (0,5h)
  • Resco Portfolio (1h)
  • Introduction to Resco Architecture (1h)
  • Woodford Basics (4h of theory + 10h of practical exercises)
  • Resco Inspections (2h of theory + 4h of practical exercises)
  • Partnership Introduction (0,5h)

Webinars – perfect even for SMBs

Webinar: How to fully automate your SMB with Salesforce and Resco | Business user and Admin | Beginner | March 25

Automation is a big topic. Salesforce and Resco are both robust solutions. Even the smallest business can use the full potential of smart technologies and focus on the customer at the same time.
Our colleague Benoit Clavel and Ahmed Belhouadjeb from Manao, Salesforce consulting partner are hosting a webinar to show you how to easily automate the most common tasks at the office with Process Builder and in the field with Resco Inspections.

How Small Businesses Transform their Customer Experience | Business user | Beginner | March 24

You can also attend the webinar hosted by Salesforce and Camp Kesem.
Join Salesforce Product Marketing Manager Mala Ravi as she talks to small business Trailblazer, Camp Kesem, to learn their best practices about organizing all their customer data to grow faster.

Please, let us know if you have any questions and ideas regarding the courses and webinars at salesforce@resco.net.