A message to the Salesforce community: Offline is not your enemy

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Offline makes you unstoppable in the field

I have never done this before, writing a blog, putting my thoughts down into a word document to share with an audience. I`m not an extrovert when it comes to this type of communication, but something has changed. Something forces me to share my experience, my observations of the Salesforce ecosystem that Resco joined 4 years ago.

Why Microsoft recommends and uses the Resco mobile app for its field service projects

As a trusted and respected mobility player in the Microsoft world, we knew joining another ecosystem would not be as easy as it was 10 years ago when Resco first started offering mobility.
I`m not saying it was an easy task. We put a lot of effort into development, attended conferences, presented the Resco solution, and listened to customer feedback. Incorporating all of that into Resco Mobile CRM has shown Resco as a respected, trusted mobility expert that always delivers what was promised.
That’s one of the reasons why Resco`s customer base consists of 2.000+ customers, many of them being with Resco for more than 7 years, and the reason why Microsoft recommends and uses the Resco mobile app for their field service projects. Successfully. They win deals and understand that a mobile part in most of the complex and complicated scenarios is the key to win the deal and make customer satisfied. From such projects, I learned that the mobile part plays an even more important part of the project in many cases. All based on how customers decide what back-end they choose.

Offline engine makes mobile users unstoppable – no matter the back end

In Microsoft we succeeded, from a tech point of view, Resco`s technology has always been much more advanced compared to our competitors. The offline engine has absolutely no competitor on the market. Engine into which Resco invested its entire energy over the 20 years and which makes users in the field simply unstoppable. And that’s my point.
Salesforce talks online. A lot. We live in an online era; everyone is online all the time. I partially agree. However, the reality is, that users often experience low connectivity which doesn’t allow them to even open a webpage or finish a task. For users out-of-office it’s simply frustrating. Not mentioning areas without connectivity at all, basements, hospitals, restricted areas. You simply won’t be able to do much if you purely rely on connectivity. And customers don’t want to be limited and want their users to be effective as if they were connected to the internet.

Key takeaways

  • Salesforce often loses against Microsoft mainly because mobility is the key

Being involved in many projects with Salesforce, I see how Salesforce doesn’t focus on that area at all. Even though, this is a key point for a customer when choosing the back-end system. At Resco, we have seen a lot of projects Salesforce has lost against Microsoft mainly because mobility was the key. Mobility with the offline engine that makes users unstoppable. And that’s my message Salesforce and its users.

  • Don’t be afraid of offline, don’t make offline your enemy

Offline is simply a part of the everyday lives of people who need to perform tasks without being limited. Giving them a tool that can achieve that, that comes with a great and experienced technical support will guarantee happy faces of your clients who will remain with your company for a long, long time. And that’s what companies like Salesforce should be looking for. To have long-lasting relationships with customers who are happy they have chosen the right back-end with the right mobile technology.
If you feel like it, contact me directly at maros.hajtas@resco.net. Or simply check Resco’s offline with a free trial here.
Maros Hajtas, Business Development DACH, Resco for Salesforce