Every 100th Microsoft Dynamics CRM user is a Resco Mobile CRM user

Just recently we announced that Resco signed its 1000th customer of Resco Mobile CRM client for MS Dynamics CRM, so it’s the perfect time to reveal few numbers also about the users.
As of September 2015, just when we reached our 1000th customer milestone, the total number of Resco Mobile CRM users exceeded 42,000. This means that on average, there are 42 users per one customer.
To put this into perspective, let’s take a look at Microsoft Dynamics CRM. CRMSoftwarseBlog says, that in 2015 there are 40.000+ Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers and 4.4 million users. So the ratio is around 110 users per customer.
So when we compare both CRM ecosystems (Resco’s and Microsoft’s) in numbers, we can say that approximately every 40th Dynamics CRM customer is also Resco customer. And approximately every 100th Dynamics CRM user is also Resco user.
We are quite satisfied with such result because Resco is targeting mobile users only and there is a significant portion of Dynamics CRM users that will never need to be mobile. On top of that, a lot of companies prefer to start with Dynamics CRM implementation in the first stage and with mobility later on in the process. So there is a time shift between an activation of standard and mobile users.
What is even more interesting is the ratio comparison. 110 standard Dynamics CRM users vs. 42 Resco Mobile CRM users per one customer. So, if we take in account all Dynamics CRM organizations that have implemented Resco Mobile CRM, then in average almost 40% of their users are mobile. Moreover, if there was no time shift I described above, the percentage would be definitely greater. (I assume that a subset of Dynamics CRM customers who implemented Resco Mobile CRM has a similar ratio.)
The numbers above show the great importance of mobility between CRM customers. And they show a huge potential for Resco Mobile CRM in the future (just a year ago, our users per customer ratio was around 30).
There is also one more interesting point about our users. A significant percentage of them use Resco Mobile CRM as a preferred or even the only platform for accessing their corporate CRM data. And this is really gratifying for us.

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