18th November, 2021

NIVY Watch: Enhancing Workplace Safety

NIVY Watch Enhancing Safety

Not only can be the NIVY Watch used as a key tool for enhancing workplace productivity and efficiency, but it can also be used to improve workplace safety.

Because the sensors monitor both movement and health information, they can help in aspects such as; safety at work, accident detection, accident prevention and social distancing (COVID-19).

Safety at work

NIVY Watch can help improve workplace safety in areas and times where employees are at risk of injuring themselves. Because of the emergency alerts sent to the watch, NIVY Watch may heighten the perception of emergencies and dangers. These alerts are more effective because the watch’s vibrations are activated and perceived more sensitively during emergencies.

Accident detection

When it comes to accident detection, smartwatches can offer many advantages. Accident detection may be quicker when identifying unusual health, activity or movement irregularities around dangerous areas for an unusual amount of time. Furthermore, with the emergency button functionality for calling help and location tracking for locating an injured person, detecting an accident would be easier and faster.NIVY Watch Accident Detection

Accident prevention

With past health and injury data, the employer may propose a change in work procedures or propose various types of accident prevention measures. Accident alerts may be used to notify employees of potentially dangerous areas where there has been an increase in the number of accidents and injuries. Additionally, accidents can be prevented when identifying employee health problems by adjusting workload and provide health care.

Social distancing

NIVY Watch may assist in identifying and limiting the spread of various diseases and viruses that may occur in the workplace. They can detect all watches that may be in close proximity for an extended period of time and can send alerts to these watches. In the event of an employee infection, other employees who have had close contact with the infected individual will be quickly identified.


Download the comprehensive NIVY Watch Safety brochure here for more information on improving workplace safety with NIVY Watch.

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