Next generation of Resco Mobile CRM: Video walkthrough

New Resco Mobile CRM comes with a complete design makeover tailored to the needs of sales representatives.
So far we introduced you to the basics of the brand new concept of mobile CRM via screenshots and description of the main changes – you can read about the reinvented Views and Forms in our blog.
Now we would like to show you a walkthrough video, which demonstrates the capabilities of the new design, so you can see for yourself how the app works.
Watch this short video:

(Resco Mobile CRM with a fresh design and new user interface shown on an iPad.)
How to get the new Resco Mobile CRM?
Option 1
There will be a new, demo app titled ˈResco CRMˈ on your App Store soon. You will be able to download it and try the new interface out.
Option 2
A system admin can make a switch to the new layout with the upcoming version of Woodford (which is to be released beginning of October).

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