Next generation of Resco Mobile CRM: Mobile CRM as we know it is bound to change

It has been five years since we released our first version of Resco Mobile CRM application. And although we’ve improved it extremely since then, the basic concept remained the same.
Five years is quite a long time. Especially in the mobile IT industry. A lot of new iPhones, iPads, Androids, Windows Phones and other mobile and wearable devices came to market throughout these year. Thousands of mobile apps. The mobile device has become the main tool for browsing the internet…
We’ve learned a thing or two from this huge progress.
For the past five years, we could also exchange our thoughts with hundreds of people, who use Resco Mobile CRM in their organizations. What their sales reps or service technicians like and dislike about our app, what are the main activities they perform on a mobile device, etc.
In the end, we analyzed the concepts of Microsoft’s MoCA for Dynamics CRM, along with various mobile initiatives from Sales Force’s and other CRM vendors. Those were interesting to analyze (although most of these apps have still a long way to go).
We summarized all of the acquired knowledge and experience and realized following:
A mobile CRM app should not be only a mobile version of a CRM.
Mobile sales reps and technicians are different than standard users – they are a completely new species.  They have different needs and perform different activities.
That’s why we came up with a brand new concept of how a mobile CRM app should look like and behave. It’s going to be a huge step forward. The next generation of Resco Mobile CRM.
We will reveal screenshots (maybe a demo as well) throughout this summer, so stay tuned for upcoming newsletters, blogs, tweets…And we plan to show you the first version this fall, during CRMUG Summit, eXtremeCRM and Microsoft Convergence EMEA. So if you want to see what the evolution looks like, be sure to meet us there!

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